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  1. Thanks TTM, I was confused as all get out.
  2. Thanks Calum, always appreciate your comments.
  3. Thanks ozboater! “Money shot” I haven’t heard that phrase in ages
  4. Thanks Johnny, that little bag flew out the window
  5. Thanks Landon, always an excellent explanation, I appreciate it.
  6. Thanks Landon. Just updated Canada and got the City download and it’s a disappointment on my system, horrific scenes of melted buildings. Very very very bad.
  7. Thanks Landon, got to have some fun in these nonsensical times.
  8. Thanks John. It ticked all the right boxes, yellow, inverted. The second part is more benign, I landed and taxied into the hangar.
  9. Ha! Thanks John, aka the Human Search Engine
  10. Thanks John. So much Plane Earth, so little time!
  11. MSFS Orbx Partner Parallel 42's Freedom Fox. This is a flight from 42MX to FFOX where the guy who built the Fox lives, it was a beautiful and scenic flight.
  12. Thanks John. Some people become unhinged because I don't like to look things up. Many thanks my friend.
  13. MSFS Orbx's SA Mesh Another Carlos recommended flight. This time from SCTE to SAZS.
  14. Great shot Iain but why is it called Blighty?
  15. Thanks for the very nice tour Johnny! All stunning shots and I especially like the fabric hangar.
  16. Happy birthday Rob @Rob Abernathy I hope you have a great birthday!
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