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  1. Hi Paul, I had the same message several times but it came down OK. No time after that to make even one flight though.
  2. Great shots Adam. I wish Mr. Lynch would release a more modern plane. No offense but simply not into the old planes.
  3. What a beautiful set of shots Paul. This part of the world is magical in its beauty. I'd love to live there also if it wasn't for one person who will remain nameless of course.
  4. Excellent shots Paul. Looks like I'm just gonna bin all my shots from yesterday as it would be a reproduction of this. Great minds and all that.
  5. Quite nice night shots Graeme!
  6. Thanks Don. The entire flight was amazing. To me it’s right out of the Lord Of The Rings movies, so beautiful.
  7. Cool shots Iain, and a neat little plane. I like the rudder, it’s very small. Will have to research this one in real life.
  8. Paul, amazing shots! Gosh, I just got these.
  9. Thanks Landon, I like green tea myself
  10. Thanks Calum. She was a tax assessor so they all scattered
  11. Amazing. I left a coffee at he counter my friend. I’m at 12,000 in the Honda making a 454+ mile flight from Boise to Lost Wages.
  12. MSFS Orbx's New Zealand Mesh and NZNS and Mt. Cook
  13. Thanks Don, I'm going to look in a few minutes.
  14. Thanks Landon, haven't done that with a big jet yet, will have to soon.
  15. Thanks John, but I’m talking about posting screenshots. It’s a heck of a lot more difficult in this sim since there’s no Orbx Global.
  16. Thanks John, so no Japan. Oh well.
  17. Can anyone show me where I can find a map of what the Orbx Asia covers? I know it covers the Himalayas but what other parts of Asia? Japan? Thanks.
  18. Beautiful contest quality postcard!
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