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  1. Hello, I have the problem that on every start Volanta tell me to install Simconnect. I click on "install" but nothing happened. I see in the App Overview from my WIN10 that Simconnect is installed.....so where is the problem? Thx in advance Mark
  2. Hello, during ILS Approach into LIEO this morning I suddenly have strange built ups as you can see on the screenshot Any ideas?
  3. Hello, as per screenshot you could see that I have a little problem with LDSP. When I leave the runway 05 via the taxiway the aircraft rolls down to the apron (or need to taxi up when lining up) So it looks like a mesh/altitude problem between the runway and the taxiways/apron. Also the Approach Lights looks like they are floating in the air during the approach phase. Any ideas? Thx in advance Mark
  4. Hi Craig, no I didnt get any terrain popping before it happens suddenly that the TBM jumps in the air
  5. Hello, just bought EGHI and make a first approach with the TBM on RWY 02....after touchdown the aircraft makes a huge jump on the runway and crashed down....something doesnt work I guess Rgds Mark
  6. Hi Nick, done as per your description but as you see nothing changes....
  7. Hello, I just purchased Samedan/LSZS but after installtion it doesnt look as it should be or? (Doesnt look as on the product page) I have no other LSZS scenery installed Thx for any tips Mark
  8. As I found out that it doesnt have to do with Navigraph nor with Orbx it looks like...I need to check with the guys who are making the mod
  9. Hi Nick, this is strange as I make the ILS App yesterday with the CJ4 and the mod for the CJ4 and in the NAV the 109.50 was autotuned after selecting the ILS23. I had to manually adjust the frequ to 111.30 Rgds Mark
  10. Hi guys, i have the payware product of LIEO and flying with Navigraph datas and found out that the ILS 23 in LIEO shows 109.50 but it must be 111.30? So is it now a Scenery problem or a Navigraph issue? Thx Mark
  11. Yeah I had this entry and delete it....so now there is only a folder call lib and the WorldJetways folder
  12. Well I have the SAM library in my custom scenery folder But I see these two entries at the beginning of my scvenery.ini: SCENERY_PACK D:\Xplane11\X-Plane 11\Resources\plugins\SAM\lib\SAM_Library/ SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/SAM_Library/
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