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Community Answers

  1. Hey Dominique, Nice to see you back here and nice video. Thank you.
  2. The Schilthorn conflict will be fixed soon. There is no plan for custom POI's or city scene at this moment.
  3. Helo Albert, I'm working on a fix for Saanen. It will include 2 heli start positions. Should be out soon.
  4. In Aerofly, cultivation is autogen buildings. Without them, you only have a flat photoreal.
  5. Thank you all for your kind words, much appreciated. I'm sorry for the lack of communication over this project. This scenery was on hold for several month and I really thought it was buried and suddenly, a few days ago we got a green. I am also working on a fix for my Saanen airport which will finally get a sloped runway and improved HD airport background textures and some additional clutter. Plus two helipad start positions of course.
  6. Hello Pascal, Unfortunately, this project is on hold for the moment. No idea if it will be delivered one day.
  7. Some shots from upcoming service pack for Netherlands. We have placed 60 lighthouses along the Northern coasts. Enjoy some shots. All taken in AFS2
  8. Yes it will come. I'm currently working on about 40 custom models for lighthouses with their lighting.
  9. Hello and welcome to our forums. Do you run AFS with Vulkan beta enabled? This mode is known to cause crashes on some systems. Please revert back to OpenGL mode.
  10. Hello, We are working on updates for all airfields. The problems of floating objects and misaligned will be part of a future service pack.
  11. Hello and welcome to our forums, All navaids are coded in the default AFS2 engine. There is actually no way to change this. Please report to Ipacs any problem about this.
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