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  1. Yes naturally the user option to keep it or not would be best for everyone I agree. But just out of curiosity to undetstand your position, why do you want kind of…in lack of better word ”fake” airplanes parked at the airport. What benefit does it add compared to AI traffic that moves and interacts (…not perfect at present I know) but still. Its kind of FPS friendly as well and AIG is a great free option so I really try to underdtand this.
  2. I am a bit late on the topic but I saw someone wanting you to keep static airlines at ESGG, pleeeaeese dont!! There must be an absolute majority of people who want to see them gone. I have been waiting forever to have a clean airport only with AI when flying offline and other pilots when flying VATSIM. So again please no static aircraft at ESGG.
  3. All of my AI traffic dissapear when they are suppsed to start taxi. I guess perhaps there is something wrong with the taxi links at ESGG and probably that is also why Er!c gets no taxiways for his ATC instructions. Mikael Cedergren
  4. Also is Orbx ESGG at all built with proper taxi links, nodes and such? Non of my AIG AI traffic moves and then they suddenly disapear from the gate like its a conflict or something. This is not a problem at any of my other free, pay or default airports with the AIG AI traffic airplanes. Thanks Mikael Cedergren
  5. I too purchased ESGG from the Marketplace and would also want to remove the darn static aircraft. I dont understand why so many other airport developers are able to offer a choice for static or no static aircraft and many build their airports without it. If not possible to do with the Microsoft Marketplace version I think a good idea then would be that those of us who purchased ESGG from there would get to download the Orbx store version for free. I really dont like ESGG the way it looks now with all those static planes and at the same time it would be a shame to have to purchase it again to fully enjoy it! Mikael Cedergren
  6. It used to be so easy to just edit the afcad file back in FSX and P3D with ADE to get those parking codes, radiuses or update taxi links for your favorite free or payware airport. I probably edited 100s of airports back in the day. Now, although ADE is compatible with MSFS its just in my opinion too complicated. I have tried to update a few both pay and free airports and although not complicated to open up for edit and the result I want actually gets done but airport buildings dissapear and all sort of other strange things happends to the airport. It seem much more data is stored in the ”afcad” file than before so more things can go wrong. Its just not worth it, at least not to me.
  7. Hi Marcus I just purchased your lovely Landvetter airport men snälla snälla Marcus let us have an option to remove all those static airplanes. I use AIG and it adds all the airplanes the airport could possibly need and with much more realistic moving planes. When using AIG or any other traffic addon (....more are coming) your statis planes makes the airport a bit unrealistic in terms of volume. I know I can turn down the traffic volume in AIG to match your statics to have a somewhat realistic experience but it detracts soooo much from the immersion. All the best regards Mikael Cedergren
  8. This looks amazing and an instant purchase for me, but please please Finn in times of so many free and pay AI addons like AIG, Simple traffic and more on the way soon as well as all those of us that use VATSIM or IVAO please make the static airliners be optional. Not only do they take up parking space but also it detracts from the immersion having "fake" non moving aircraft just standing there, at least in my opinion. Mike
  9. I would personally much prefer Borlänge/Kiruna/Visby or Scandinavian Mountain Airport than Arlanda. Thats simply becasue its an somewhat unrealistic airport to fly to in real life with a PA28 and I very much like to simulate my real life flying That said, still very nice that it will be part of World Update 5. I hope some developer will do Marehamn, Åland at some point. Perfect hop in small aircraft both from Sweden and mainland Finland.
  10. Finally my home airport and where I learned to fly some 20 year ago! Funny thing is that Flinks Järn (from the first picture) is the store where I bought screws. nuts and bolts today for my home Cessna 152 cockpit panel project So happy and instant purchase from me.
  11. Very nice, instant buy for me. Now same beautiful island, opposite side. I hope for Ajaccio Napoleon Bonaparte Airport next
  12. "And yes, of course, Bromma is always on my mind" You know, I rather hear Marcus say those beautiful words than listen to Elvis sing them! This is the best FS (sort of) news I have heard in a long long time. We need ESSB badly in the sim. Just a little request if I may How about just show a little love" to nearby Skå Edeby while at it? Many of us have to use this little grass field these days because of stupid real world politics.
  13. Tigerclaw, I dont understand. Please correct me if I missunderstand your logic but to me for example region England is a completely different product from a TrueEarth product of England, one beeing photoreal and one beeing just landclass based repetetive tiles. To me its like night and day and I see absolutely no problem at all with a TE area where there is already a landclass based product. thats said I hope the new country is Norway, but most likely as you suggest Its Germany.
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