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  1. Hi everyone thank you for your replies. For some reason whenever I try loading the correct "xml placements.bgl" file it says "ADE Has countered a problem loading this file" Seems to be a dead end there (or I'm not nearly smart enough to figure that out) Would anyone happen to know how to load in the Orbx airport In the built in devmode so I can make changes? is it just a matter of opening that XML placements file?
  2. @Smudger So slight update. I've downloaded ADE 2020 Alpha and can not seem to open the Orbx burbank airport. I try to load the modLib.BGL file but it says its not a valid airport
  3. @Smudger Hum would it be possible to just add a parking spot with the built in Devmode on MSFS 2020?
  4. @Smudger Thank you very much for the welcome and suggestion. As @Gulfstreamtwomentioned does ADE work with the new MSFS? looks like it hasn't been updated since 2019.
  5. Hi everyone so I just purchased Orbx Burbank Airport yesterday and I've noticed that I don't have as many parking options as I do with the base airport. I am wondering if its possible for me to add my own parking spot in front of a specific hanger that way I can select it from the world map and load in directly at that spot? It's parking spot 42 on the default airport but it's not available on the Orbx one.
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