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  1. Highly recommend the Gee bee special flies so well round this course had a bit of a race with some other little while ago so much fun.
  2. Your get it, start off with the pitts special or the Robin Cap 10 and just reduce throttle a little if needed.
  3. Do have some idea's but not gonna post them so that idea's don't get stolen.
  4. Thanks that's good to hear I'm on there occasionally and did race a few randoms yesterday. Also jumped on a live stream of someone using it on release day seemed to enjoy it. I will be taking a look at some other spots I do have some ideas thinking cities and interesting locations suggestions welcome. Appreciate the feedback.
  5. My first full creation with custom models that I have released with Orbx, I'm probably over enthusiastic.
  6. Thanks for watching look forward to seeing others trying out this fun course.
  7. I didn't make the airport part of this add-on but just had a go landing the cessna 152 and TBM on runway 02 and run the plane along the whole runway and didn't see any bumps on jumps when landing or rolling. Don't suppose you have a screenshot of where it jumps as can't see any bumps in the runway. Was you get any terrain popping when coming into land? I am in no way saying it isn't happening to you.
  8. My bad i didn't see that i saw the screws on the aircraft not the floating screw heads. Might be worth circling them as wasn't clear from the original post.
  9. Looking at some pics of the real aircraft it looks as though they should be visible.
  10. Probably better posting this on the actual official msfs forums. Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  11. I did post about my upgrade from 32 to 64gb ram on the msfsforums and I did personally see an improvement moving from 2 x16 gbs sticks to 4x16 ram sticks. as in more fps and less stutters.
  12. No worries only an idea there is the manual available anyway.
  13. @FS Academy Out of interest are there any plans to add written instructions within the flight sim have found a few times where have slightly missed where I was meant to have got to a location and forgotten what the previous instruction had been I know there is the manual for it just wondered if it's possible to add the instructions into the MSFS Nav log, so can double check easily the previous instruction.
  14. @carlosqr Im surprised it runs that well outside of Paris let alone in to be running in full 4k if those are your current pc specs.with 100 render scaling and ultra terrain vector data and ultra buildings and many other high settings if those are still your current pc specs. Even with my I9-9900K and RTX 2070 both overclocked, I wouldn't have great performance in built up cities on your settings. For a 4k screen you can get away with 80 or 90 for the render scaling and not notice much difference visually, same with buildings between high and ultra.
  15. Must say having tried the first 5 vfr training missions I really like this add-on.
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