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Charlie and Grady.....

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I know this was posted before but I was asked to post it again.........


When I was seven years old my best friend's father bought a pool table. An old slate-top 5x10 Brunswick. He converted one of his chicken coops to hold it and "the pool room" was born. I played pool on that table 4-5 days a week for the next eight years.

Back in those days "the game" was straight pool. He who sinks 125 balls first wins. The smaller 4 1/2 x 9 tables and the popularity of 9-ball was 20 years away. Willie Mosconi was my hero in those years. To heck with The Lone Ranger and those wimpy cartoon guys.

By the time I was 15 there was nobody in town willing to put a five on the rail to try me. But there was always the soldiers. The town where I lived was adjacent to one of largest Army basic-training base in the country. And the first of every month "the boys" would come to town. Ready to find the local bars, the local girls, and the local pool hall. And for the first three days of every month I was always at the local pool hall.

Back then, the minimum wage was US$1.00/hr. Work a 160 hour month and, before taxes, you would earn US$160. Appealing? Not to me. On the first three days of the month I could easily "earn" US$400-500 from our soldier friends. And there were no taxes. And still over three weeks of the month to go. But let's get back to Grady Mathews.

When I was 18 years old a met a guy who was to become my mentor. His name was Charlie. I knew how to shoot pool. I knew all the shots. Charlie knew that. But he also knew that I didn't know how to hustle. So he set out to teach me.

About an hour's drive north of where I lived there was a world-class Brunswick dealer. Let me call it GCB. And at that dealer was a friend of Charlie's, a guy named Fred. We'd drive up on the weekend nights (when the dealership was closed) to play on the world-class tables in the showroom.

One night a friend of Fred's showed up. Some kid named Grady. He and I were about the same age (I think I was a month older) and we hit it off right away. Over the next couple of years I shared many tables with Grady. No money was involved. We just played for bragging rights. 

Grady Mathews was one of the greatest sticks of all time. I'll never forget him or what he taught me. Sometime in 1962-63 he moved on up the road to Cochran's, 1028 Market St., San Francisco. The mecca of pool in those days. And pool hustling. Ronnie Allen, One Eyed Hank, San Jose Dick, Ears, Legs, Sleepy Bob, and Okie Sam are just a few of the "regulars" I remember.

The love of my life (and now my wife) lived in San Francisco in those days. I'd drive up on Friday evening, spend a few hours at Cochcran's with Grady, meet her the next day and night, and drive back home on Sunday. What a life.

Grady was the Technical Director on the 1986 Tom Cruise movie "The Color Of Money". He makes a brief appearance from 1:17:28 to 1:18:15.

Sadly, first Grady, and now Charlie, have passed on. It's been almost 55 years since I last saw Charlie. And 60 years since I last saw Grady. But the memories linger on.

And I'll always remember Charlie as the guy who made it all possible.

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You and Rodger need to get together. Your writing skills are captivating. Very investing story Doug! Thank you.


Graeme :)

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