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Phantom Pharewell - USAF F-4 Phantom Last Flight

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Back in the Viet Nam war days, I used to love watching the F-4s come and go. Got to see them in Japan, Viet Nam, Thailand, and Okinawa. One memory centers on a tiny island in the South China Sea where the USAF had a radar station. There were two radar bubbles on the top of the island's small mountain. F-4s in transit between Japan and Viet Nam would get permission to "split the bubbles." Going full speed, they would approach at sea level, then at the last moment lift and pass on their sides between the bubbles at ground level. Great flying! The station's isolated and stir-crazy crew (including me as a civilian asset), were the world's best audience, with lots of jumping and whooping and waving. As the F-4 jocks left, they would usually give us a victory roll as a goodbye gesture. Thanks for a fond memory, Adam.

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