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Back to the Future

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I can't remember when exactly I flew a B - 17 over Germany - flying the plane - navigating - bomb aiming whilst auto flying the plane

Firing at the attacking aircraft - from .50 calibre MGs from around 7 different positions - and taking something like 2/3 hours to complete 

a mission -- all courtesy of a company called Microprose - it must have been in the 90s sometime.


Some months ago _ I read an article in PC pilot that the ""GAME"" has been brought up to date for today's PCs - and today I saw the following video

Sometime in the next few weeks - MS2020 and flight "SIMULATION" - will be taking a Hangar rest - whilst I get to fly a B-17 again and get in 

some old fashion target practice:)



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38 minutes ago, John Heaton said:

I'm old enough to remember Betty Grable and her famous nose art on a B-17

She and Rita Hayworth were the two most famous pinups of the war. Many a ready room had Betty's pinup poster by the door, and crews would give her rump a good-luck pat on the way out. Grable got a kick out of that when told about it.

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