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Blue Marble + Orbx LC?

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Hello everyone,

I bought bluemarble but the problem is (as you can see in the picture) that Orbx LC somehow interfers with it. Of course OpenLC is must have and should stand above BlueMarble, but BlueMarble gives realistic seasons. As an example in the picture, I am flying over Yugoslavia and according to BlueMarble there should be snow (January), but Orbx LC gives snow. Maybe I wasnt careful enough when buying. Is there any sense in having BlueMarble when Orbx LC overwrites it anyway?image.thumb.png.10e511e37cf4a3e4d134c60ed3f994be.png

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Hi there,


Blue Marble only replaces the default coarse-resolution global satellite resolution image with a better-quality version. That's the image that only ever gets displayed outside of the inner circle of landclass cenery, as in your screenshot. It doesn't actually alter the coding of how seasons work.


OpenLC also doesn't alter the distribution of seasons so what you're seeing is the mismatched interplay between Blue Marble and the default seasons file. In other words, your screenshot should look the same with or without openLC.

There is no connection between that global seasons file, which sets the local season for landclass files on an approx. sq-km basis, and the global satellite imagery (default or Blue Marble), which simply switches on the first of each month.


Cheers, Holger



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