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Porto LPPR by MK Studios - A Video Review


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Just bought the new LPPR by MK Studios - right after buying the TropicalSim version!!   Didn't know about the MK Studios version coming out.   So here is a Review with my thoughts on the product and a close look at the scenery . . . .





I hope you enjoy it.





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Keino333 and Greybeard,


Guys, thank you for watching the video and for your kind comments.

I was initially slow to make the purchase of the MK Studios one, not because of the fact that I had bought the TropicalSim version already, but that I was suspicious of MK.


I remember the fracas over their Keflavik scenery released for P3D!   I believe it was about 3 or 4 updates to cure all the issues with that scenery!   And I was not entirely convinced about their current Fuereventura scenery for MSFS either, which just looked wrong!


But I was happy to be proved wrong about this one . . .     it's very nice indeed.   And for that matter, so is the TropicalSim one!   I actually finished the video on that one - might release it too!


Take care guys,



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