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Question about EU region

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Is the EU region package only landmarks or does it also include ground textures?


Could the product conflict with terrain textures?


I just saw this out of Liverpool








Here in the map is the exact location




I reported this to MSFS as initially was not able to access the forum




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I removed all the UK airports and the issue is there yet




But I was this close to have all my stuff back installed with no issues with the exception of around 4 countries in Asia that I yet need to test. It was extremely boring and time consuming for going again through all the process just for a texture. I'll leave it that way, that testing is insane, I don't know how many times I have taken everything out and placed back individually or in groups. The most ironic part is that all is back and working and before got CTD, I was not even able to start a fly in specific airports and there they are, back in place pff . I hope they solve the way this happens.





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