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Getting floating Objects in Changi Airport

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Hi all,


i bought the Changi Airport today to go along with the Orbx Singapore Landmarks and unfortunately I am getting some floating objects, 


two underpasses near N4 float above ground. I have not found a way to solve this yet.. is this a known issue?





2021-07-23 20_17_49-Microsoft Flight Simulator -

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Hi Paul


Please first rename your Community folder to CommunityX.


Then create a new Community folder and install just this one product.


Then try again please.


You could also try deleting the content.xml, and SceneryIndexes file,  and also deleting and turning off the rolling cache.



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Hi Doug,


thanks for your quick reply, and sorry to reply to you so late, but i went into some testing to give you valuable feedback:


Good News:


The issue does not appear if the community folder only has Changi in it, furthermore it does not appear if only products that can be purchased on orbxcentral are in the community folder, i.e. Orbx, MK Studios, Drzwiecki.. no problem


Further Good News: 


After some really annoying trial and error I was able to identify the culprit that causes the floating:


https://flightsim.to/file/8887/beekay-pack1 , particularly the subfolder beekay-scenery-bk-buildings


I will contact the Author of this addon to create some awareness, after all, it's a pretty useful object library used in numerous other freeware sceneries.


Thanks again and keep up the good work,



Greetings from the surroundings of EDDV,



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