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  1. Can anyone confirm that the "Camp Out" Scenery folder causes all ground services to disappear on major airports?
  2. yeah kind of a bummer, to be left in the dark like this, and at the same time seeing them selling the city packs on promotion via orbxdirect
  3. Hi Guys, is there something like an official statement from Orbx whether or to what degree the Orbx City Upgrades are compatible with the content that Asobo issued for World Update VII? I mean, they should be somehow compatible at least, otherwise it would be quite immoral to put them on sale now Cheers, Paul
  4. the MSFS World Update in January will be Australia, YSSY is already a bespoke airport in the sim and for any other given australian Airport, there is a decent payware scenery already. If Asobo is able to see the writing on the wall (wishful thinking), this would be the perfect opportunity to fill the gap, they dont even need to make their own airport, just buy it from a trusted creator (like with Zurich from Gaya)
  5. if you bought those addons through the marketplace, it's in the official/onestore folder and wouldnt be covered by 4.)
  6. Have you guys untilized Rex Airport Textures or Zinertek, bought via the marketplace in the early days? If yes, try to deinstall and restart the sim. Many CTDs during the loading phase can be traced to those "texture replacement tools" Cheers
  7. i have the thrustmaster airbus stick... i wasnt sure about the correlation and blamed coincidence that it always froze when i made a quickview to the side (to be honest, i am looking around a lot to appreciate the scenery)
  8. which would support my theory that "quickviews with the coolie hat" provoke CTDs on it as well
  9. well, we might not have approaches, but we have 2 million windmills which are all perfectly in sync. thanks asobo
  10. okay, if it happens to you as well, i guess it's reproducible - anyway, i have also tested if it has something to do with Zinertek Enhanced Airport Graphics or Rex Airport Texture (those are the usual suspects), but this is not the case.
  11. exactly, the first time was flawless but i spawned on the runway directed away from the rings, so i wanted to restart to take off in the correct direction and from then on it went south
  12. Hi, i know this is freeware and i am indefinitely thankful to you guy for providing us with nice stuff, still i wanna notify you, that Santa's Sleigh causes CTDs for me. It's definitely not the "Xmas Ring Parcourses", it's the aircraft itself. Reproducible: 1.) first selecting the sleigh as aircraft and then selecting a departure airfield leads to a crash (on your facebook page, there are other people reportin this phenomenon) 2.) first selecting a departure with a different aircraft and then switching aircraft to the sleigh lets you start the flight but will eventually lead to a CTD during your flight, i think it happened every time when i was looking to the right with my coolie hat, but that might be a coincidence. Anyway, thank you again for all the nice freebies this year, i'm a happy customer! Paul
  13. Hi all, see the picture for reference. I do not know which update has introduced this, it hasn't been like this in the beginning. Greetings, Paul
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