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I have bought.


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As above I have bought an Asus Tuf Pro Gaming H570 Motherboard but not sure what Cpu I should buy. I’ve looked at i7 and the i9 , though the i9 is about £200.00 more than the i7. Plus then again when I’m playing MSFS and I set it up right I’m getting about 35 to 40 frames with my old system especially now that I’ve got a 1080ti and I’m thinking why the hell did I bother. At the moment I’m just generally flying around certain areas. Any help would be appreciated. Plus I’m getting on in years. I will be 79 towards the end of the year and thinking do I want to spend that amount. Thanks Derek.

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Hi Derek

Congrats on your 79 years, hope I'm still enjoying flight simulation when I reach your age.

Firstly, no need to upgrade if you are having fun and seeing decent frame rates in what you do ... more performance is always better of course, but perhaps at diminishing returns, there comes a point where it can seem like throwing money at something for little return.

When planning an upgrade for modern flight sims ... or even games, its important to plan a package of suitable parts, set out a base plan.

Take stock of your existing parts, what can be used again in new build? what needs replaced ETC.

Please dont buy motherboards unless you have a CPU in mind for it and also a reason for this upgrade and need the features it has ... don't mean to be disrespectful, but that's not how it works mate.

Perhaps you can return that motherboard under current UK 30 day distance selling rules and get a full refund (you would need to pay postage back though) would still be cheaper than Ebay, or if you really want to keep it maybe some can advise you on best Intel CPU for it, suitable ram if you need it ETC.

Its going to be hard to improve on your 1080Ti in foreseeable future without spending serious money and having luck finding the parts ... these are strange times for GPU's especially.

Good luck and PS: your sig needs upgraded as it does not reflect your current hardware mate.

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And looking at that motherboard spec, it does not seem so bad if a person is determined to stay Intel, hopefully someone can help Derek out here please.

Its CPU specs are ...


Intel® Socket LGA1200 for 11th Gen Intel® Core™ Processors & 10th Gen Intel® Core™, Pentium® Gold and Celeron® Processors

Supports Intel® 14 nm CPU

Supports Intel® Turbo Boost Technology 2.0 and Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0**

* Refer to www.asus.com for CPU support list.

** Intel® Turbo Boost Max Technology 3.0 support depends on the CPU types.
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Hi Derek

Just saw your note.  Great advice from B12 @B12


Just a 2p worth.  I think you are doing really well with your setup and the frame rates that you are currently getting.


I have a suspicion (pure speculation on my part ) that realistically, if you polled all the members here and calculated an average fps 

independent of hardware, simulator settings and screen resolution it wouldn't be that far off the mark from what you achieve.


MS2020 continues to be in a state of flux.  We all want it to be finished and we're not good at listening to MS/Asobo when they mention

 that some of the performance learnings from their concurrent XBoxX migration definitely improve performance and will be incorporated

into the PC version at some point in the near future.


But bottom line for me is this.  They have had their hands full with issues, but they have not yet undertaken serious optimization of the simulator.  

So regardless of what you buy today, the performance you see using that hardware will be based upon the sim build of today, not the

optimized sim when they have completed that final step.


For me personally, I would use what I have and at that point when they have released their optimized build, if I'm not happy , then

I can make a far better informed decision on what my best personal choices can be and what would be the best pc specs

that would be appropriate for me.


I know that's not the answer that you perhaps want to hear and its tough to be patient for just a while longer, but I honestly believe

that in the long run that strategy will make you much happier with the final result.


All the best


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Just another thought Derek.

If you do have money burning a hole in your pocket and are satisfied with your PC's performance for now while we wait for these strange times to recover and indeed see hardware prices and availability return to more normal levels (hopefully) then perhaps invest in FS peripherals, or even a nice new big monitor, HoneyComb Yokes and throttle units seem to be back in the stores, great gear.

Recently bought RealSim gear GN 430 and 530 and having a lot of fun with these, works in FSX P3D XP11 ... I think FS2020 but not tried it myself in this sim yet.


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Hey B12. Not sure what Country you come from but here in the UK the Honeycomb Throttle and the Yoke is as scarce as they can be. We have the Yoke which my son bought when they first came out. Plus I use a couple of Siatek throttles, and I bought the Saitek Autopilot which is a great help. I did think about buying the Throttle from  the good old USA as they seemed to have loads there, but some of them seems quite expensive, plus I did not want to pay over the price for one. Thanks Derek.

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Hi Derek

From UK here, thought the Honeycomb Yokes at least were back in stock here, perhaps not, do have them both now, awesome, did have to pay over the odds for my Bravo throttle on ebay from a scalper who had managed to buy a few of them, but it was either that or do without for a while, no regrets here but I understand your decision if you have a throttle already.

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