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TE Southern Califoina KCRQ McClellan Pallamor

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Disabled parked aircraft but it is now nearly empty. See attached files. Sentry11s' image shows more parked aircraft I wonder where from. There are still aircraft through the wall as you can see from the other images. One taxied through it as I was looking





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I have slightly adjusted your scenery_packs.ini by moving your MisterX and OpenScenery files further down the layering. This may or may not have any influence on what you are seeing.

 If there was an aircraft taxiing through the wall then that indicates you have a traffic programme running. What is it?

As a test you could rename your custom scenery folder to Custom Scenery.BAK, make a new one and drag & drop Global Airports and the TE SoCal files plus OrbxLibs into the new folder.

This would leave just the relevant files being used without any chance of a conflict. Choose a  flight from KCRQ and see what happens.

KCRQ is a default Laminar Gateway airport and not an Orbx addon if I am not mistaken so any thing to do with the airport is a Laminar issue. However I cannot see a mesh issue at KCRQ.

I attach 4 pics from all views showing what I see at KCRQ.

North Ramp right view:



North Ramp left view:



North Ramp from above:



Part of rest of airport. Note that there are lots of planes. I do not have Parked Aircraft enabled and I have disabled my Traffic Global planes:



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Thanks Jon I had already moved the libraries to see if it would help after I uploaded the previous scenery.ini. I do not have any traffic sw running. I do agree with you that if there is not a mesh issue with TE then I will take it up with Laminar.


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