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  1. I believe the real difference, or question is in what has remained a storage of value and wealth, and has maintained or increased in purchasing power throughout the above mentioned time period. A face value of a $1.25 composed of 90% silver in quarter 25 cent pieces in the year 1964, or a face value of $1.25 in today's minted coinage and paper money?
  2. @Jon Clarke -- @Gorum79 No, I can't see it being an installation problem, but more likely a mesh elevation problem that is not knitting well with the adjacent terrain. I may try and create a terrain object that will hopefully mask the problem and blend in well with the surrounding area.
  3. @Gorum79 -- Two screenshots - First with KLAX airport enabled and the second with KLAX airport disabled. Looks like a possible Orbx TE problem.
  4. @heyeng == Try installing an updated "OpensceneryX" library into the "Custom Scenery" folder and see if that helps.
  5. @Jon Clarke-- The last three screenshots are with X-Europe and exclusions enabled.
  6. @Jon Clarke -- FWIW Jon, here you go. (See Attached)
  7. It seems disabling "simHeaven_X-Europe-4-scenery" eliminates the problem of unwanted generated objects from XEurope but then with "simHeaven_X-Europe-4-scenery" disabled it will then generate on screen error messages concerning conflicts with "simHeaven_X-Europe-3-extras". So in order to not lose the capabilities of Simheaven X-Europe at other scenery areas by disabling some, or all of it features I created "Exclusions" to solve the problem at "LIEO".
  8. @Jon Clarke-- @vittoriogreco FWIW - I disabled "simHeaven_X-Europe-6-autogen", "SFD Global Autogen" and "TerraFloraXP", and the auto-gen objects still appear. So I created some exclusions to solve this problem for myself. There is a lot alot of material in this very nice scenery and that may have some effect on the FPS count.
  9. XP 11.55r2, macOS Big Sur 11.5.1 @Jon Clarke -- I tried with every possible solution that I can think of on the iMac with stock XP, no other third party plugins, Orbx TE GB South and Orbx EGLC - LondonCity both verified by Central and came out with the same results as @marco1212 Your previous suspicions as to the possible cause of the problem could have some merit.
  10. @marco1212 -- "Global Airports" are XP default, and XP Gateway airports which are required by XP. "Orbx EGLC LondonCity" is a payed third party airport addon. The "Global Airports" and all other third party airport folders are required by XP to be in the XP "Custom Scenery" folder. If you re-ran the XP installer then it should have automatically created a fresh XP "Global Airports" folder and any missing, or corrupt XP files into the XP "Custom Scenery" folder.
  11. @marco1212 -- Can you please advise me whether or not if you are getting an on screen error message when you load Orbx EGLC - LondonCity? Can you advise if you re-ran the XP installer updater app to check for missing or corrupt files? In your last posted "scenery_packs.ini" file it shows "Global Airports" not being loaded. Where is "Global Airports" folder?
  12. @marco1212 -- Are you getting an error message on screen when you load Orbx EGLC - London City? Going by your last log.txt file I see you don't have Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South installed which usually is required to have Orbx EGLC - London City working properly. Without TE GB South installed you may find tugs and other airport vehicles not showing, or half buried in the tarmac. Could you try updating XP 11 by running the XP installer again to correct for any missing or corrupt XP files? Then give Orbx EGLC - London City another go to see if the fire trucks show. Also it wouldn't hurt to attach your "scenery_packs.ini" file for Jon to look over for correct layering.
  13. @Jon Clarke -- I'm assuming that the folder and file structure are the same in the Mac for Orbx as it is for Windows. And from what I can see is that @marco1212 is also missing the config. "GroundTraffic" text file that should be inside the "Orbx_A_EGLC_LondonCity" folder.
  14. Are you saying you tried to reformat the D: Drive??? I hope that attempt didn't work because if it did it would wipe out all files on the drive. You should never reformat a drive without backing up any files that you may still require later after the reformat. Post a screenshot of the drives's proprerty's pane.
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