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  1. This problem is the same as the 1 I raised on 23rd Feb around Blairmore will the fix rectify the cliffs there? If so why was there no update on my original bug report.
  2. Thanks Jon I had already moved the libraries to see if it would help after I uploaded the previous scenery.ini. I do not have any traffic sw running. I do agree with you that if there is not a mesh issue with TE then I will take it up with Laminar. Cheers
  3. Disabled parked aircraft but it is now nearly empty. See attached files. Sentry11s' image shows more parked aircraft I wonder where from. There are still aircraft through the wall as you can see from the other images. One taxied through it as I was looking scenery_packs.ini
  4. Well no aircraft parked in the wall I think the ones shown in my image could be from OpenSceneryX library not sure why they are off the edge.
  5. Steep slope on GA North Ramp seems to allowed aircraft to slide down to the wall. It is much steeper than it should be though
  6. I started a flight from Cardiff EGFF with the wind 16kt 261 degrees and ATC assigned runway 12 instead of 30 which would seem to be the correct one. I raised a topic with X-Plane and was informed that the ATC flow was 30 to 209 runway 12 and 210 to 29 runway 30. How is the flow decided with the Orbx airport? This caused an issue when I was trying out X-Life plugin which allocated runway 30 for arrivals but when I logged a flight plan in X-plane I was allocated 12 and taxied towards a recently arrived Airbus. I was using X-planes real time weather at the time.
  7. It was the Transparent Road setting. Set back to default and all is now OK. Sorry about that should have checked first really but it did not occur to me :-(
  8. Coincidentally I was flying around SoCal so went to have a look but couldn't find the issue see image
  9. Menai mod folder attached. Well I hadn't noticed the MACOSX but it is some files for flags of united states library which I have installed. I don't think is should be there as it is for an Apple I think so have removed it. There is a proper folder for this library installed
  10. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes I was flying over the bridge at about 800ft and noticed a bus disappearing through the bridge so I went lower to investigate and discovered the vehicles from the island side were all disappearing. I then paused and went to circle view option and could see the road underneath the bridge more clearly so took a screen shot. I then looked at the landward side and all the roads seemed to be a bit of a mess. The only payware airport that I have near this is an Orbx one at Caernarfon EGCK. For information runways are set to follow contours in X-Plane settings.
  11. Thanks Jon I have applied the fix but there is still something wrong. There seems to be a road underneath the bridge on the island side and not sure about the land side. Attached Log and scenery_packs files as well Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  12. The bridge joining Anglesey to the mainland does not meet up with the road see photo
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