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Digital Designs LOWS Salzburg from SIM Market won't work in Orbx

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Hi folks,


I bought LOWS Salzburg from digital designs through SIM Market, I received a key all good.


Now it's a part of Orbx and the key will not work in Central.


I have tried to reach out to the developer directly, also added on Facebook and nothing, it's been two weeks and nothing

I just want to merge it with Orbx.


Orbx are you able to contact the developer in my behalf or something or does someone know a way past this issue?


Thank you in advance

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Please see this post.  Digital Design's is not part of Orbx but a partner and using Orbx as a marketplace just as you used SImMarket as the marketplace to purchase the airport.  Orbx are therefore a reseller and you cannot transfer your purchases between resellers.  Orbx Central is for items purchased through Orbx the reseller.  However for Support issues you still have to go direct to Digital Designs.




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The biggest issue is contacting digital designs and not getting a response and also the forums for SIM Russia the link doesn't work so for me I cannot even get in contact with the developer.

To me this seems like a small request for the author to provide a key to work in Orbx.

I cannot even get the developer to contact me back and the forums aren't in English so actually it's zero support from the authors.

I don't ask for much, I spend a lot on softwares etc and the one time I need help I can't get it.

Thanks for everyone's replies either way

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1 hour ago, Nick Cooper said:


there does seem to be a problem with the Digital Designs forum link.

I will make enquiries.

I understand from your post that you are not having a problem with the scenery itself.

Even though he purchased the scenery from SIM Market instead of direct from Orbx, he'd like Central to show that he has purchased LOWS direct from Orbx. 

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Correct, I use an add-on manager for MSFS and it makes fat more sense using Orbx to manage sceneries)airports I own.  I simply want to migrate my purchase to Orbx for LOWS.

I have done this already with other developer add-ons that are now a part of Orbx


So how do I get the key to work in Orbx as I cannot get in contact with the developer?


Thank you in advance

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I received an email update as follows:




Hello Matt,

I have transferred your data to Orbx, they must be added to your account, please check later.

Regards, Evgeny

пн, 3 мая 2021 г. в 18:30, Matt Dexter <hidden>:


I hva egone into Central many times since this email and nothing has changed it still shows a a product I need to buy, do you guys at Orbx need to do something to get my LOWS in Orbx  ?

Thanks in advance!

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