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  1. Have you tried it without either of those installed? Not saying that is the issue but worth ruling out
  2. Have you got any other versions of EGGP installed or enhanced airport textures?
  3. The Etihad is so well known as an issue that there is a free Photogrammetry mod on a popular addon site, that lists PG enhancement for Manchester for Orbx GB and specifically includes the Etihad stadium to get round this issue.
  4. I'll mention the ones I've personally seen pop in late. One of them is the Etihad stadium in Manchester, another is the Blackpool pleasure beach, they only appear as you are right on top of them...and I mean right on top of them
  5. Looking at your PC specs I would expect it to run MSFS2020 on Ultra or a mixture of high and ultra on that monitor. Since SU5 I've been happily running MSFS on Ultra on the same GPU (admittedly on a 1080p monitor) with Photogrammetry enabled and various Orbx scenery. OK, if I want Ultra in VR I'd want to replace the GPU and the HMD for that matter.
  6. A quick visit to Liverpool (GB Central) in the new (Iris) Grob Tutor with a snazzy paintjob.
  7. Like Orbx, Iris have their own Discord channel you can reach them there
  8. nice shots. Wish that slipper tank was not on by default it spoils the lines of the plane. I have to remove it each time I want to fly.
  9. I was going to say, typical weather for Manchester
  10. There is a post on the official MS forum where another user has been experiencing the same issue. This user had now reported it resolved with the following steps: Ok, I experimented some more: Shut down sim Uninstalled all Seafront products (they where installed into Orbx Central “Library”). Restarted sim. Still no ships around Gibraltar Shut down sim, reinstalled Seafront Enhanced AI (this time into Orbx Central “Simulator”) Restarted and now I could see the occasional sail boat and also a single Maersk container freighter on its way into the Atlantic Shut down sim, installed Seafront Global Shipping (also into Orbx Central “Simulator”) Restarted and now the Gibraltar straight was dotted with ships, small and large.
  11. I would highly recommend a mod called Addon Linker. This allows you to install all addons, freeware and payware in a location that you want to, you can even organise them into a folder structure e.g. Scenery, Aircraft, Airports, Utilities etc. The Linker creates symbolic links inside your community folder so that the sim sees what it needs to. Makes it so easy when a new sim update comes out as you remove the links within Addon linker, and the addons are then not loaded. Also if you have a lot of scenery you can manage which scenery is loaded depending on where you aim to fly. So if you have US scenery but are going to fly in the EU, easily remove the US scenery by unticking the links before you launch the sim. There are Youtube videos that show you how to set this up. Personally I use this for all my freeware as these are usually the ones that cause the issues and payware products, like Orbx are usually quickly fixed if there is a problem, so I do actually leave them in my Community folder.
  12. Probably not. In the thread below a similar question was asked in relation to the scenery at RAF Menwith Hill as the domes conflict with a VFR addon. Nick responded with "as far as I am aware, there is no easy way to add or take away various individual POIs." Like you I also had lots of addon scenery for the North of England but hated that all of these individual sceneries had to be manually monitored for updates and conflicts, I wanted one package so that I did not have to mess around after every sim update. Orbx Central seemed to offer the solution so I ditched all the free versions. However there is still good freeware addons that provide content that Orbx Central is missing, a couple of freeware modders have actually updated their collections to remove the Orbx Central conflicts and have labelled the packs as compatible with Orbx. For me this has still not removed my initial requirement when I purchased Orbx Central but I still have less overall packages in my Community folder to manage with more content.
  13. Have you purchased anything else from Orbx central and if so does that work? When you install via Orbx Central it offers you two install locations, are all your Orbx Central purchases installed in the same location? You can check if the sim is seeing the seafront content by looking in your content.xml if so you should have an entry like this: <Package name="seafront-sightseeing-vessels-core" active="true"/> If there are no seafront entries in your content.xml then the sim is not seeing the location of where you have installed the product. I don't have any scenery around Brisbane, sorry I also don't know the area so I loaded in at random over Port Brisbane with Ships/Ferries and Leisure boats at 100% and saw four or five vessels straight away and I don't have the Global Shipping. There wasn't a lot but they were easily seen.
  14. In the Sim, go to options. Then General Options. From the menu on the left select Traffic Under Land And Sea Traffic move the sliders for Leisure Boats to 100. Move the slider for Ships and Ferries to 100. The Enhanced AI replaces the stock Asobo vessels. Setting the Leisure Boats to 100 will show small craft and sailing ships on the coast near to population areas. Global Shipping adds a couple of extra models and also adds sea lane routes. You have to look for those craft out in the ocean afaik. Henrik's Global AI shipping also adds sea lane traffic but since SU5 has been causing lots of lag spike so I'd recommend removing that one, as it also clashes with Seafronts Global Shipping, as they both inject sea lane traffic. Seafront recommend the value of 80-100 but I prefer 100
  15. No the default LOWI is still there. A suggestion is to uninstall the default LOWI via the content manager or edit the Content.XML so that the entry is false, saves two LOWIs being loaded and causing conflicts. <Package name="asobo-airport-lwoi-innsbruck" active="false"/> I have the EGGP I bought through Orbx Central and after SU5 there was a UK World Update which re-installed the Asobo EGGP, after the update I went in to the content manager and manually deleted EGGP. So for you I'd suggest the following: 1) unlink the Orbx LOWI 2) update MSFS to SU5 3) got to content manager and uninstall LOWI or edit the content.xml 4) link Orbx LOWI good luck Rob
  16. I just tried a quick flight from EGLC to EGLL. The skies are a lot quieter at this time and I did not have the lengthy pauses which I experienced last night. There were one or two but for a second rather than that several in a row lasting 30 seconds as last nights experience. Again this makes me think the major pauses are due to the influx of new players
  17. I did a couple of flights out of EGLC last night and all but one was successful. As well as Orbx's EGLC I'm running with Photogrammetry on and the London City Pack. I was initially in the FI spitfire and tried to fly through Tower Bridge as I'd seen on a video early, that did not work out well. So on reload I tried the Orbx Optica from EGLC and got my first CTD in ages. Tested the Optica elsewhere and it was fine. Came back to EGLC later with the Optica and again it was fine. So no idea what caused the CTD. What I am experiencing is severe Stutters, which once started continue for 30 seconds and it's unplayable until they stop. However I also saw this at NYC so it's not an Orbx issue. I'm assuming that the stutters are caused by the influx of new players putting extra load on the servers causing lag as you download the scenery files. Certainly there are noticeably more players on. Last night I counted 18 flying round Anglesey when normally there are one or two. And turning off all other players (how I normally fly) did not stop the stutters. Changing the weather conditions also introduces stutters whilst it loads up the new lighting and cloud. If I'm right this will hopefully improve as MS sort the server situation out of the new player influx calms down.
  18. As far as I am aware the Asobo created aircraft that come with the sim do not have manuals. Any payware aircraft purchased from either Orbx Central or the in game Marketplace do have manuals. Purchased through the Marketplace the aircraft are installed to the Official folder whereas Orbx Central and other sources go in to your Community folder. The Orbx Optica for example is in my Community folder .... \Community\Orbx-aircraft-optica\Resources\Documentation Indiafoxtech's T-45 is slightly different and other planes may choose a different location .... \Community\indiafoxtecho-t45c\SimObjects\Airplanes\IndiaFoxtEcho_T45C\docs I purchased the Mooney through the marketplace and this is as follows ..... \Official\Steam\carenado-aircraft-m20r-ovation\SimObjects\Airplanes\Carenado_M20R_Ovation\Documentation
  19. I think that will all depend upon where you installed the files to when you used Orbx Central. This is an assumption as I've installed all my Orbx addons into MSFS. I only use Addon Linker for freeware. If you set the install location away from MSFS and were using addon linker for the Orbx scenery, removing the symbolic link to MSFS should not cause an issue with Orbx Central because the files are still in the location that you installed them to when using Orbx Central.
  20. During the Steam installation it may have asked you where you wanted to install MSFS2020, it certainly did for me and my version in not in the normal steam location. If you did not change the default install path then find which drive steam is on then look for the following path, you should have something similar: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\MSFS2020\Community if purchased from outside the in game marketplace it will have installed to your Community folder If purchased from the in game marketplace then: D:\Steam\steamapps\common\MSFS2020\Official\Steam But easier to, when in game go to Content Manager, find the scenery, click on it and then delete.
  21. Oh, and I went to check out the location of your screenshot and the photogrammetry is really poor.
  22. I thought Asobo had stated in a live stream that there were issues with the Photogrammetry released in the UK update and were working on fixing it? Certainly there is a "fix photogrammetry" item on the feedback snapshot. #05 I would assume that until Orbx knows what the Asobo "fix" looks like they cannot address the issue because there may not be an issue post fix.
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