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South california HD mesh issue

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Welcome to the forums.

I will need to ask the Dev about the mesh. It is extremely work intensive to rectify and  may not be repairable. XPlane operates  1x1 tile system so there is a potential for a domino effect if one small area is rectified, it then affects the rest of the tile and can potentially cause issues in other parts of the tile.

I can also ask @Sentry11 if he has any ideas.

I have adjusted slightly your scenery_packs.ini to optimise the Orbx addons and move a couple of payware airports to above Global Airports where they should be placed.


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12 hours ago, Jon Clarke said:

I don't see it either. Makes things very difficult to try and resolve the issue if you are seeing it


On 3/6/2021 at 6:29 PM, clorgaa said:

Coincidentally I was flying around SoCal so went to have a look but couldn't find the issue see image



San Diego.jpg

I see... thanks for answering.

I will try your modified scnery_pack.ini


Same issue at KTOA

If the problem stay, should I desintall and reinstall north california pack ?



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