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LOWG and ESGG issue

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Good morning everyone,

I checked if this issue have been told before but I did not see anything...


Every time i start a flight from Graz or Gotenburg, Microsoft Flight Simulator crashes and get back to the desktop without any error message...

I uninstalled both of the airport, reinstalled them, I did that several time but it still does not work...


I tried to fly from other Orbx airport such as EDDT or LOWI, I don't have the issue, I also tried to fly from Fly Tampa EKCH, it works...


Any chance to know what is wrong with LOWG and ESGG ?

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welcome to the forums.

I don't think that there is anything wrong with the airports because I can start at either of them without a problem.

If you have added other addons, try removing them all from your Community folder and see if the problem goes away.


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