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How do I claim the 40% off?

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You need to log in to Orbx Direct. Make your purchase of the equivalent addon for MSFS that you bought for P3D and go to checkout. At checkout the price should have been reduced to include the 40% discount. If it doesn't then hold your payment pending and post again here for the attention of Nick Cooper.

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Hi there, I have had the same problem. I purchased many many addons for P3D but when I have repurchased them for msfs the discount has not been applied and I have paid full price now. could you p[lease look into this for me. many thanks. I can email you the details if requested.

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Hello Gingerterry,

welcome to the forums

I can see no products purchased for Microsoft Flight Simulator for which you already owned a licence for a qualifying product.
To be clear, to qualify for the discount, you must be buying the exact product again.

For example, if you owned KORS for FSX, P3D or X Plane 11 and that product was in your Orbx Direct account, you would

receive a 40% discount when buying KORS for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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13 minutes ago, TopHeavy said:

Hello . I own LOWI Innsbruck X-Plane 11 and purchased 

The same airport for MSFS 2020 and in my bill the 40% was automatically applied in the cart 


TopHeavy speak with straight tongue.


P.S. Sorry about the full stop, I didn't mean to come over all aggressive. Oops, another one

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Hi Nick, thanks for the quick response but I did purchase KOS international as per below


Transaction ID: 5e413f633aaf3

  • Product: LGKO Kos International Airport
  • Amount paid: $35.00 AUD
  • Purchased at: 2020-02-10 11:32:54
  • Quantity: 1

 and again on


Transaction ID: 5f4383f731a6c

  • Product: LGKO Kos International Airport - Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • Amount paid: $25.10 AUD
  • Purchased at: 2020-08-28 16:43:04
  • Quantity: 1


Both are showing in my account, could you please look into this for me, regards


edit...I think the problem may be that I have ended up with two email accounts, one for Orbx central and one for this website. I purchased the latest KOS through this website and the others through Orbx. is there any way to link the accounts as both purchases are showing on Orbx CENTRAL along with all my other purchases as listed below



Manage your Orbx products here.

Your products





I think you can see I love your products and cant wait for them to be released for MSFS, Kind regards
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