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EGLC scenery partly covered by default buildings

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Hi there,


first of all congratulations to your first releases for the new sim, it's great to know, that you're still "on board"! ;)


I just bought the "Premium Deluxe Versions" of MFS and installed your EGLC-scenery through Orbx Central directly into the sim. After my first breathtaking approach into EGLC and parking at the gate, I saw that the train tracks to "London City Airport"-station are unfortunately partly covered by "default buildings". I already tried to uninstall/reinstall the scenery without any success. 


As I'm unaware if there is still some sort of scenery library as in P3D with certain layers and priorities, any advise how to get rid of those buildings would be very much appreciated. 


Many thanks in advance and best regards




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Agreed. I can't buy this airport in this state:




But I really want to, as the flight from EGGP to EGLC is amazing, specially the approach to it (rwy 27 ILS) where it pretty much gives you a scenic VFR approach over the beautiful and ultra-realistic Orbx london city landmarks, and adding Orbx EGLC will increase and multiply the immersion manifold. I added Orbx EGLC to MSFS marketplace wishlist, and will buy as soon as I see user/customer reports about this and any other current issues getting fixed. Props to Orbx though for already and supposedly fixing some past issues already.

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