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  1. "Continue where you left off" aka aircraft's state persistence <<< Does this work with all default and 3rd party aircraft in MSFS 2020?
  2. All of the issues listed above has now been fixed. Thank you Orbx dev and support team.
  3. I want that plane! Also, Northern England Orbx pack for MSFS? Please tell me it will include Liverpool and major landmarks, buildings etc. MSFS official uk world update added only three: Royal Liver Building and the two stadiums. I want more! Thank you Orbx.
  4. Noticed a building with one of my former employer's company name printed on it. First time in a flight sim lol
  5. Not sure what went wrong here. Mine (Orbx EGLC) with London addon uninstalled post-uk-world-update looks absolutely fine and nothing like this.
  6. Eureka. Well done @Paul Wareing On my PC, Pilot Plus EGTB and Orbx KTIW were clashing and causing CTD. On 22nd Jan 2021 I downloaded an update for EGTB and the CTD issue was solved. Now I went into that folder you referred to and saw this: And in the layout.json file they did make the changes everything you mentioned. Thank you for sharing the workaround. Next time if the issue resurfaces I'll know what to do
  7. This seals the deal for me man. I want this addon badly now (as soon as it's available in the MSFS marketplace. Said this before and will say again: Orbx creates heavens!
  8. This is just unbelievable! You mean you can go to the top of that hotel ( no idea what it's called) and take a dip into that swimming pool? Heck I'll pay £15 just for such a highly detailed building. Forget about the rest
  9. @Majickthyse and @Adrian Blandori Have you guys made sure that the folder for Wycombe is fully deleted from the Official folder after you uninstalled them through the in-sim marketplace (and in Adrian's case, the Orbx app) ?
  10. I feel and share your frustration, trust me. But please don't give up on troubleshooting. The devs need as much data as possible. MSFS 2020 is a bleeding edge product that will keep moving forward and that's a great thing, but it also has its consequences and we will have to grit our teeth and suffer it. In your case, EGTB and Southend are no longer a factor we can safely conclude. So it's high time we find out which other addon is clashing with KTIW. One thing for sure though: Microsoft needs to turn up the marketplace's speed at which it digests third party's updates and content. Steam and DCS World were plagued with this exact same 'slow update' dilemma (although it didn't result in CTDs afaik) and it took a while for them to fix. I'm planning on writing a formal letter to MS asking them to look into this matter.
  11. I'm pleased to announce that my CTD issue (described above) involving Orbx KTIW and Pilot Plus EGTB is now 100% solved after installing today’s marketplace update for the latter.
  12. Nick's last post ( https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/203357-tacoma-narrows-ctd/?do=findComment&comment=1735997 ) is excellent, and the advice contained in it is pretty much the only thing you can do at the moment. I mean that's what I did to solve (albeit temporarily) solve the Orbx KTIW vs PP EGTB issue. I wouldn't be surprised at all if Nick one day is given some sort of OBE award for everything's he's done so far for home desktop flight simulation.
  13. I might be able to help if you are willing to post a complete list of all your addons, both free and payware.
  14. I have breaking news. Another user reports the following: My version which I bought from MSFS marketplace is 1.0.2. This user reports he used to have the same problem as mine, but not any longer, after updating it from the earlier version to the newest 1.1.0 (as shown in his picture above). He bought it from Orbx Central. Therefore, imo it's definitely an issue with the MSFS marketplace, and its slow update digestion and feeding pace.
  15. There's a difference between you and I though. You bought MSFS premium deluxe edition from Steam. I bought the same edition but from Microsoft Store. So that might be a cause of some sort. Also, the latest Asobo update could also be a factor. And like Nick said earlier, the marketplace could also be a big factor. And nope I'm definitely not blaming anyone, and I'm a big fan of both Orbx and Pilot Plus and will always be . Bugs will happen with software, hardware and life. That's a given and at this point I've accepted it lol. Anyways move EGTB somewhere else and see if you can load into Orbx KTIW without issues. Let us know the result if possible.
  16. Alright, so after approximately 2-3 hours of investigation and experiments, I can now confirm, without any doubt, that in my particular case, it's the Pilot Plus EGTB Wycombe addon that's been causing the CTD and conflicts with Orbx KTIW and airports in Seattle, Washington. With Pilot Plus EGTB Wycombe uninstalled, I don't have any issue with spawning at either Orbx KTIW or any airport in Seattle. With Pilot Plus EGTB Wycombe installed in either Community or Official folder, I have CTD at either Orbx KTIW or any airport in Seattle. If I uninstall Orbx KTIW but have Pilot Plus EGTB Wycombe installed in either Community or Official folder, all airports in Seattle, Washington work as expected without CTD. If I have both Pilot Plus EGTB Wycombe and Orbx KTIW installed in either Community or Official folder, spawning at the former airport works as expected without CTD. I bought Pilot Plus EGTB Wycombe from MSFS marketplace, and not Orbx. I guess that for a temporary workaround I'll just have to keep EGTB uninstalled (or moved to a different folder and only move it back to Official folder when I wanna use it while flying in UK) and contact and report the issue to the developer directly. And hopefully this investigation and subsequent report help Orbx and the forum users on here in some way.
  17. Hello Jon, Good morning. Merry Christmas and Happy new year (in advance) to you. Answer to question number 1: They all install into the Official folder by default. Exact path: E:\Microsoft Flight Simulator\Official\OneStore. Addons bought and installed directly from MSFS in-sim Marketplace don't go into Community folder. The community folder is empty and untouched. Answer to question number 2: No, I haven't moved them to the community folder. They initially got installed to the Official folder as they normally do. It's just that I've now moved them to a custom, user-created folder on a different drive that I named "MSFS ctd airport testing folder" just to conduct this bug-hunting experiment. EDIT: okay I think I understand what you want me to do. You want me to take the airports listed in the picture and move them into the Community folder and then see if it causes CTD? Thanks for the suggestion if that's what you meant. It's on my to-do list now. Will report back.
  18. Eureka! Looks like I've been able to find a workaround and possibly found a cause to this issue. At first, here's the recap: Everything's been fine with user's (me) MSFS 2020 (bought from Microsoft Store, and he also buys all addons, whether aircraft or scenery, from MSFS' in-sim Marketplace) until he buys and downloads six airport addons from the said MSFS marketplace during this ongoing sale/discount even that Microsoft is offering, TWO of which are made by Orbx (KTIW and EGNM). Community folder is empty. Rolling cache is deleted and therefore permanently disabled. Physical RAM is 16 GB and virtual memory page size is three times more than that (48 GB). The problem: In this situation, If user wants to spawn at either this newly bought Orbx KTIW or any default airport near it (such as KPWT, KSEA, KRNT in Seattle, Washington), the whole MSFS sim crashes to desktop aka CTD. Doesn't matter what aircraft. If the user moves the following folders/airports out of the MSFS installation folder and into somewhere else (by using cut-paste): then he's able to spawn (FINALLY!!) at either the newly bought Orbx KTIW (and enjoy it in its full glory) or any default stock airport near it, such as KPWT, KSEA, KRNT or any airport in Seattle, Washington. There's absolutely no CTD or any other issue this time around, provided that these payware third party folders/airports have been moved out of the MSFS installation folder, like it's shown in the picture above. What's extremely important in my opinion to note here is the fact that for MSFS 2020, I also have Orbx: EGLC, EGNM, EGPN, LIEO, London City Landmarks and last but not the least, the newly bought KTIW. I haven't moved any of these Orbx products out of their installation folder. They all remain intact, useable and visible in the sim. These Orbx products are NOT conflicting with ORNX KTIW, nearby Seattle airports and causing CTD. So, in short, according to my experiment conducted so far, Orbx: EGLC, EGNM, EGPN, LIEO, London City Landmarks and the newly bought KTIW aren't causing conflict with either each other or the default Seattle airports such as KPWT, KRNT etc. At this point, in my opinion, Orbx is not at fault here. I'm now off to conduct further experiments, which involves putting the airports in the picture above back into the MSFS installation/root folder one by one in an attempt to find the culprit airport behind my particular CTD issue. Among the ones shown in the picture above, my preliminary suspicion are on: Aerosoft EDDK, Creative Mesh 3U2, Flightbeam KPDX and LVFR KSAN, as these four are the ones I bought along with Orbx EGNM and Orbx KTIW during this ongoing Microsoft Marketplace sale/discount event, right after which this CTD issue reared its head. More info to follow. The thread in this forum that inspired me to do this is the following: https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/199932-wycombe-air-park-egtb-ctd-at-the-same-point-on-the-loading-screen-every-time-i-try-to-start-a-flight/
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