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KSBA Wrong taxiway naming

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Hello Orbx,

I was enthousiastic flying again in Santa Barbara. Few minutes after being released, I purchase the upgrade. Thank you very much for the discount, it is really appreciated.


But I'm disapointed by the wrong taxiway naming. It's an issue in many default MSFS Airports (based on satellite pic analysis), for those who want to practise taxi on "complex" airports with real chart. I personnaly connect Foreflight to MSFS. But I expected from an airport addon like Orbx KSBA that taxiways get as real as it gets. What wrong with my setup ?


I should be on Mike and not Delta :





I should be on Hotel crossing Charlie :



Hope I make a mistake somewhere and what I considere as an issue with MSFS will be corrected by my favorite addon provider ;)


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Hello Misha,


Could you please let us know if you have a time frame on when an updated KSBA will be available that addresses the taxiway markings? For those (like me) that uses online ATC (PilotEdge) true to life taxiway markings are very important.

I purchased this Orbx airport through Orbx Central. 


Thank you,



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