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  1. Hum... Didn't see any update on my Orbx Central... Now that the World Update #2 is released, isn't any chance that we can enjoy a corrected Santa Barbara ?
  2. Glad being able to help. Can't wait for the fix. My real (private) pilot reflex to look at the windsock on short final are funny disturbed
  3. Windsock on KSBA scenery is out by 180 degrees Isn't it the classical error regarding windsocks : https://www.fsdeveloper.com/forum/threads/fix-for-windsock-blowing-the-wrong-way.448756/?fbclid=IwAR34onxZ8sF8xAAy1qBP2wWzhZmNctWHtCf-yWZ8QehtpoPsTMXKdhJBHH0
  4. As posted on another thread mentioning "no taxi instruction" and to illustrate the killing experience ;(
  5. Hope your moving run well (I'm just out of mine during the first lockdown here in France). Any ETA for a fix and patch for KSBA ? Frankly speaking I'm not flying in Orbx KSBA because of the wrong taxi signs... Take care.
  6. Just one off-topic post : I still have a Prepar3D 5 Pro version. But didn't re-install it since the 18th of August. Just a matter of personal simulation usage. MSFS, so far, with all its default, match why I'm expecting from a PC sim. Surely doesn't match all simmers expectation. Anyway, back to True Earth SOCAL for P3D : I hope for all future customers that the overall color will be less red-ish than TrueEarth Norcal. I was disapointed.
  7. It was maybe the product I would expect the more... Unfortunately I don't have any Prepar3D installation Too late !
  8. Hello Misha, thanks for the quick reply (and sorry for the double post). Keep going !
  9. Hello Orbx, I was enthousiastic flying again in Santa Barbara. Few minutes after being released, I purchase the upgrade. Thank you very much for the discount, it is really appreciated. But I'm disapointed by the wrong taxiway naming. It's an issue in many default MSFS Airports (based on satellite pic analysis), for those who want to practise taxi on "complex" airports with real chart. I personnaly connect Foreflight to MSFS. But I expected from an airport addon like Orbx KSBA that taxiways get as real as it gets. What wrong with my setup ? I should be on Mike and not Delta : I should be on Hotel crossing Charlie : Hope I make a mistake somewhere and what I considere as an issue with MSFS will be corrected by my favorite addon provider
  10. Same here. I'm not going to change that kind of display monitor settings just for a scenery.
  11. I fully understand the Ortho colorimetry issue but it impacts the customer experience That's too bad. I tried to set some stuff with Toga EnvShade and the colorimetry of my monitor and nVidia driver without success. One of the feedback is that it looks like an always sunset situation.
  12. Thank you for your comment. A local friend of mine shared his surprise : the overall redish color is much exagerated from his point of view. Any other though ?
  13. Same here regarding the disk space. Just bought a 1 To SSD. Suspect Orbx has agreement with hardware SSD manufacturers. My i7 4770 and my GTX 1070 suffered on San Francisco area, but heading north, it's a kind of relief.
  14. One of the advertized purpose of TrueEarth Norcal is [...] You could spend days exploring and still find uniqueness throughout [...]. GOAL ACHIEVED ! I took off from San Carlos and flew randomly just looking out. And the magic of flight simulation happened. I (re)discovered area I flew already but never saw like this.
  15. [Joke mode ON] My crystal ball tolds me that NORCAL is in short final [Joke Mode OFF]
  16. Hello Orbx, No pressure. Please correct me if I'm wrong, I just wanted to know if they were plan to make compatible with Prepar3D v5 two Orbx freewares : AI Traffic North America General Aviation that I use mostly into my Ultimate Trafic Live Global Airport Pack where I can find a create rendition of St-Cyr-L'Ecole (LFPZ) and lot others ! Again, no stress, no pressure. Just to have a kind of roadmap and figure out how I have to manage my addon migration. Thanks !
  17. Thanks for the idea. Do you mean it's a know problem ? Or a simple guess ? Because I just (re)did the approach after this "crash" , with the same settings and everything went fine.
  18. Hello Orbx, Thank you for the quick upgrade to Prepar3D v5. I just made some patterns at Sedona and suddenly seems to hit the hill on final runway 3. Hopefully, video recording was on (don't look at poor quality) : On the video, it seems I strangely hit something slightly above 5'200 ft. I verified that the hill is at less than 4'900 ft in the sim scenery (same altimeter settings) : On a french simmer forum, there is also a report of someone a similar crash in other location. Am i the only one at Sedona facing this issue ? What should I check ? Thanks for your help,
  19. Thank you Orbx for the unexpected update of Santa Barbara. In these horrible moments (here in Europe/France), it's like opening a window and get fresh air to change our mind. Thank you again, Orbx and Misha ! I'm use to stay at Atlantic FBO at Santa Barbara. AI trafics are Ultimate Trafic Live. The taxi clearance is drawn on the ground chart. Thanks for Foreflight on iPad. Great training tool to have the iPad connected to Prepar3D. I waited at 25R Golf holding point. Looking at a Beech landing. Hey ATC ! There were plenty of room to make me depart before he lands ! Quick navigation made with Foreflight connected to Prepar3D. Overflying CA97. Hum... What's the plan to land there ? And Flight1 GTN 650 is yelling in my headset ! Terrain ! Terrain ! A good training to find in the GTN where to remove alerts ! DIY approach. Very good exercice to master speed, throttle and pitch... There were a guy but he wasn't funny Overflying East Santa Cruz Island airstrip to figure out how to land on this one Short final. Oh ! There's something like a slope runway there! Before flying back to Santa Barbara, I played with clouds Clouds from Toga EnvTEX (Or REX Texture Direct ?) and the real weather is recreated by Active Sky A2A C172 with the replica livery of Bad Pirate N734NK from San Diego, CA.
  20. Again, reviving a old thread. Here is the full landing video (and the flight starting at San Lui Obispo). Thanks goes again to the default scenery in P3D Norcal that help much understand how the field was in his surroundings.
  21. Back to this thread, I edited the full arrival and landing at this surprising (for me, first time) field. 20 minutes vidéo. Thanks again goest to Orbx to help me figure out, at home in front of my PC, were hills where I'm french so tchat in cockpit are in... French, but please click on subtile ENGLISH in Youtube interface.
  22. Thank you all It's always hard to find the good balance between uncut video and shorter one. There is a mix of short (some with time acceleration) and longer videos on my Youtube channel. I, once, survey readers and watchers on my blog for the length of videos they want to watch. I reached almost a 50/50 situation
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