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Its too bad that Microsoft 2020 did not have Orbx manage their installation process. What a mess!  I read some of your site recommendations and its very helpful and efficient. 


Question: I downloaded MSFS to my E: SSD drive. Seems OK, except it did not start. Microsoft did assist me in getting it to start (needed to activate XBox). When I was able to update the Game during start up- it put updates to my C: Drive. Subsequent updates also say C: Drive. The Microsoft person said- not to worry because the program defaults to C drive but loads into the drive I selected... (E:). This doesn't make sense... I am not sure of where to go now. Should I go to my C drive and try to transfer whatever downloaded to E? 


I know this is not an Orbx problem...





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I had the same perceived problem when installing MSFS2020 on a drive other than the C drive. When the MSFS2020 update screen appeared it showed a path on the C drive as the destination. I removed the app from my PC and reinstalled  MSFS2020. When the update screen path appeared it again showed the C drive as the destination. I figured i could move the program after the installation completed, so I just accepted the destination path. As the update downloaded, I monitored the drive I wanted the update installed to, and to my surprise, the update was installed to that drive. It appears the location shown as the update path does not reflect the actual location if you specify a drive different than the C drive. After over a day of updating (very slow internet)  I started using MSFS2020, adding content from the Microsoft store, content directly from a file download, and from Orbx Central. Everything worked correctly on my designated drive. Try letting it download and see what happens.

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Donka -

Thanks for the clarification. I just added another scenery from a different vendor and it showed the installation path as the C drive shortcut, but ended up on the correct drive. Now if I could only figure out how to install my MFG rudder pedals (had them working in Alpha and Beta, but something has changed).

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YES I have issues with MSFS because I'm not using a "C" drive my copy is allocated to "D" and this has pose a problem since my original install date. Things run much smoother since the first patch but, for instance I cant cant get the sim to recognize my livery package even though it is the correct folder "community" when one watches how to YouTube they're all using C drive as where the program lives. This shouldn't make any difference and there will be those that will be happy to say that on here.. I've been told that before, but it does make a difference... I'm at the point now where I might change the name of my two drives I'll of course have to change my boot drive in the bios        

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welcome to the forums.

It seems as if there are two distinct parts to the installation, the "app" itself and then the core files.

Like you, I did not want the entire program on my C drive, which is far too small in any case.

I downloaded the installer and let it install onto the C drive, but when I reached the content update,

I directed that to a folder that I had already made, on my G drive and the core files were all installed there.


I then used the Windows 10 facility to move the app to the G drive as well.

This has removed the files from the appdata\local folder but left links to them that are less than 300kb.

The simulator works exactly as it should and all content added to the Community folder is recognised,

although some of the freeware liveries don't work and in one case crash the simulator.

As other freeware liveries do work, I have made the assumption that those that do not work are faulty

and have discarded them.

I hope that you can see some parallels between what I have done and what you did and that they might be helpful.



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