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  1. Detail is on another level. Looking forward to this one.
  2. Any update on the MSFS regional packs for the UK? I'm curious what kind of content that will include - I'm assuming mostly landmarks and POIs. Are you on the lookout for submissions for things to be considered for inclusion?
  3. Is it possible to force the tower lights on permanently? It would be really subtle during the day and that would mean any approaches at night time would show the tower lit up. At the moment, the tower is not visible during approaches at night time.
  4. It's a top add on this one. Given it a quick blast and attention to detail is excellent. Compare the airport to the picture on the official airport website and its uncanny. Superb stuff!
  5. As this is my local airport, I can safely say the detail here is superb and genuinely higher than I was expecting. Only given it a quick once over and thoroughly impressed. Looking forward to spending more time with this over the weekend. Performance is perfect too, smooth as silk.
  6. This is top drawer stuff from what I have seen. Fantastic attention to detail.
  7. Can you share more details like where it is located on google maps or similar so I know where exactly this is? It's been a while since I have been on the airport grounds due to the pandemic so not sure what new parking you are referring to. Feel free to pm if needed.
  8. Edinburgh is my local airport so if you need any photos taken to assist with building out this release, please let me know and I'll try and provide.
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