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EGNM - PAPI and windsock not working

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First flight in fs2020 release version @ EGNM only to discover PAPI and windsock not working at all - lights are not indicating the glide path, windsock is not moving even though there is wind 8+ knots.


Would appreciate some input on this.


Thank you.



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The windsock I'm not aware but we'll have a look. Windsocks are default element and as such controlled solely by the game engine. That said, we'll see if we can replicate the issue.


The PAPI I'm aware of and a fix is incoming.



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I was going to create a support ticket right now with the same issue: PAPIs not working at EGNM (always white). 


BTW, let me congratulate Orbx for the amazing level of quality of the addons released for MSFS. I bought them all and I am amazed with what you have done. 


I saw some customers complaining (sometimes very angrily) about things here and there. But what I see, for example in London, is pure Orbx quality, masterpieces indeed. 




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