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Question about Leeds/Bradford

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I'm a bit confused as to where support questions about new Orbx content for MSFS go: I don't see a dedicated sub-forum as for other sims.


I do have a question about Leeds/Bradford, bought installed a nd flown to this morning. There are no frequencies or procedures for the Orbx version showing up in either the map or the G1000, rather like the post before about London City.


Delighted to see appropriate liveries on the apron at Leeds: I assume this is Orbx static, rather than new MSFS generated AI liveries.

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I'm also experiencing loss of frequencies and ILS when the Orbx scenery for EGNM is installed. Curiously, I also noted that the labels for Runways 14 and 32 appear to be swapped on the map with the scenery installed (i.e. Label for runway 14 indicates 32 and v.v.)? Uninstalling the scenery package appears to resolve all these problems. I hope there is a solution soon because the model itself is lovely and since EGNM is my local airport I'm flying in and out a lot in MSFS.

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