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Orbx Central 4.1.10 Update

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Central updated to 4.1.10 today.

Can someone enlighten me as to what was fixed/changed in this version?






Operating system:  





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Thanks Nick;


Over the years from Flightsim Store to today Central has morphed and gone through so many positive iterations with added features I forgot to look there.


Sometimes I think I must be two people because no one person could be this dumb...


Thanks again.



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13 hours ago, CaptainLens said:

if it happened today, how come the changelog has the date of the 15th on it?

Im totally confused, although if there was an update, that answers why Ive been having my issues today....



presumably that was the date when the changelog was written.

It really does not matter, the new version is 4.1.10 and the changelog is labelled 4.1.10.

It's not really ambiguous at all.

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