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Help with AUSTRALIA V2


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I just bought Australia V2 version and installed, but the results are not as expected, it is far from the glossy pictures of this scenery on the product page the Orbx web site.

I have already Australia V1 scenery installed and I used “Get Central” to download and install the new version (V2).

I have attached some pictures to show the problem. The Australia scenery is bluer, foggy and lack of definition.

I also downloaded the free version of “Global open LC Mesh South America” using the “Get Central” tool. It appears here is also a problem with some airports (SEQM) and KLAS in North America

After the installation I used the “Global Vector Configuration” tool. before starting FSX

I spend some time playing and modifying the “FSX Scenery Library”, but unfortunately no improvement. (I have attached a also a copy of my Scenery Library)


Please, any help or comment would be very much appreciated.


Best regards.















My_scenery configuration.docx

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Your scenery.cfg looks pretty "strange.

I don't see AU2 installed. There are still some remnants of the former AU1 version

- FTXAU05_Roads

- ....45_scenery

- ...48_custom

- ...46_shores

- the former HolgerMeshAustralia freeware must be deleted.

i.e. AU1 must completey be deleted  before installing AU2.

Delete all former AU1 stuff and reinstall AU2 again.

Additionally,  it seems your insertion points are not or not correctly set. The Orbx openLC entries (Europe/NorthAmerica) are not in correct position. Basically they are in priority lower than Orbx sceneries.

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Hi Nick, Dieter,


Thank you for your Welcome and your prompt reply.


I am still a newbie trying to learn how to organise the FSX scenery library


When I checked the Australia V2 in the Product page (https://orbxdirect.com/product/auv2) I couldn’t see any prerequisite indicating I need to manually uninstall “Australia V1” and “HolgerMeshAustralia” before installing V2. I probably overlook at that instruction.


As I indicated I used “Get Central” and I thought this program would take care of all the installation issues (remove previous versions or else require). Obviously that’s not the case.


I manually removed the AU V1 files from the Scenery Cfg. and then added the AU V2 as you suggested.


I am not familiar with the “Insertion Points” features and how it works, because I don’t know the correct product order in the configuration file.


Sorry Dieter but, I do not understand when you said:

“…..are not in correct position. Basically they are in priority lower than Orbx sceneries.”.


Would you please elaborate a bit more?


I have updated and attached a copy of the new scenery.cfg file. you can refer to this list if require.


Thank you once again for your patience and support.


Best regards.



New_Scenery Cfg_190520.docx

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that does look a bit better but it does not look like anything that Orbx Central might have done.

The Insertion Point page is to be found at Orbx Central\Settings\Insertion point.

You should set Airports and Regions to just below Drzewiecki JFK2 and open LC just below

Airports and Regions.



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Hi Nick,


Thank you one again for you quickly reply.


Then, is this library order correct?

  • ·         Orbx libraries
  • ·         Thirty Party Airports.
  • ·         Orbx Airports
  • ·         Traffic Global Airport Facilities
  • ·         Orbx Global Airports
  • ·         AustraliaV2
  • ·         OpenLC EU
  • ·         OpenLC NA
  • ·         Any Mesh
  • ·         Global 2010
  • ·         Propeller Objects
  • ·         Default FSX areas
  • ·         Orbx Vectors
  • ·         Default xxxx Base
  • ·         Orbx VECTOR_AEC
  • ·         Default Scenery
  • ·         Default Terrain


Any comment?


Best regards.


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3 hours ago, Skywalker50 said:

How can I do it?


Here are a couple of pics to help you use Central and the required scenery order. Bear in mind that in MY case Addon Scenery is the bottom of my 3rd party scenery.

As Nick has pointed out = You should set Airports and Regions to just below Drzewiecki JFK2 and open LC just below Airports and Regions.

Scenery order.jpg

Central Insertion points.jpg

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Thank you Smudger for your comments.


I selected the Setting/Insertion Point in the "Orbx Airports and Regions" option, but when I tried to select any of the items from pull down List (e,g,: "Addon Scenery") and I always got an error messages:

                   "An ERROR occurred while trying to synchronise your simulator"


The same error is displayed when selecting any item from the pull down list of the "Orbx Global openCL"

                   "An ERROR occurred while trying to synchronise your simulator"


Do you know what could be wrong?

Is any log file generated that I could provide details about these errors?

Do you know if there is any Document or User Guide (Manual) that explain about the  Insertion Point and how it works?


Best regards


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there is a log file which you can access at Settings\Help\Open Log.

You can then save a copy and attach it to your next post.

The most common cause of that error message is a corrupt scenery.cfg file.

You could try renaming yours, run P3D to build a new one and close it.

Run Orbx Central and see if the error message has gone away.

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Hi again,


I did rename the “scenery.cfg” in the FSX directory and then I started FSX but, MSFS display an error message:

The “scenery.cfg” file os missing or damaged. Please reinstall Flight Simulator to restore or repair the file. Flight Simulator will now exit


In other words, I would have to re-install FSX to generate a new config file, a very drastic option.

I have attached a copy of the “Open Log” file as requested, as well as a copy of the “Open Scenery Config File”.

When I tried to “Resynchronise Simulator” (From the Settings\Help” menu), I got a new error message:

An error occurred while trying to synchronise your simulator”.


Obviously there is something wrong with my settings.


Thank you again.


central_Log File_210520.txt Scenery_From Central_210520.txt

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My apologies, I gave you advice for P3D.

However, it is the same for FSX.

There is a default backup scenery.cfg file in the FSX folder and if the scenery.cfg file is renamed,

FSX writes a copy of that back into C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX and there is no error message.

The error message that you report is generated if the user has intervened and removed that backup copy.

I attach a copy of the file which you should put into your FSX root folder and then rename 

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\scenery.cfg and start again.





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Hi Nick,


Thank you for sharing your “scenery.cfg” file. I placed it in the C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX  and C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX\ folders as you indicated.


I managed to rebuild the file using the “Insertion Point” from "Get Central" as Smudge suggested and then reconnect the Orbx files using the “Scenery Configuration Tool”.


I did just a quick test with FSX and the scenery seems to work OK. I have to test this new file in different areas to see the improvements.


Ones again, thank you for your help and support. I’ll let you know.


Best regards.


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Hi again.


As indicated in my last post I did a brief test with the new “scenery.cfg” file just created and all was to be ok.


Yesterday I did a flight from LOWI to LSZH, the departure scenery was outstanding, very crispy, with lots of details (see picture attached). Arriving at LSZH the scenery stated to be fogy, and luck of definition (even if the weather condition were the same).


Then I did a return flight from LSZH back to LOWI, but unfortunately the same results, the scenery was very fogy and faded-out (see photos attached).


Any comment about what could be the problem?


Thank you







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HI Nick,


Finally, I managed to have some time and do a couple test flight with the sim.


As you suggested I landed at LOWI airport with very fade surrender scenery as previous pic sent (the actual general airport scenery seems to be ok), then I stopped the aircraft on the runway and I went for dinner.


To my surprise when I back to the sim after dinner, the surrounding scenery improved dramatically except for some buildings (houses) on the foothill which appears floating on the air., just about the other buildings.


Another problem is when moving in a taxiway, the yellow middle taxiway line appears clear and well define just about five meter on front of the aircraft, but very diffused the rest ahead, the line definition moves as the aircraft moves. This issue did not improve from “before dinner” to “after dinner”.


Probable there is a problem with my PC characteristic, but it seems there is also a problem with the scenery order.


Any suggestion/comment?


Thank you again.


Best regards


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  • 4 weeks later...

Hi Nick,

Thank you.

Probably this is an old question but, what is the best way to reinstall all Orbx products?

I have a copy of the old Orbx folder within the FSX directory. Can I just copy it into the reinstalled FSX folder?

Thank you.

Best regards


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Hi Nick,

It seems that I fixed one problem and somehow run into another one.

This morning I want to verify the files as you suggested BUT!!

·      When I opened FTX Central ,  “MY Products” list is empty except for “Cityscape – Portland” (???).

·      The “Main Library” is empty     (C:\User\User\Orbx Library).

·      The “Backup Library” is 9.3GB  (C:\User\User\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central\Backup)


Yesterday I had to reset my password but, this morning I logged into my account without any problem.

1)      Can you please let me know why all my products disappeared (greyed out) from the “My Product” list?


When the list is restored I would verify the files as you suggested then,

I used the “SyncSimulator” option but, only one “Porland” got into the sim library (of course).


2)      Would you please let me know the steps I have to do to get these products reinstall into the “FSX Library” from the “Backup” folder without downloading them again?


In the manual describes how to create “Backups” but I could not see any description how to actually “re-install” these products from the backup (probably I missed it).

Thank you again for all you good support and help!!


Best regards


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