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  1. Thanks Orbx-Team for giving us this NZ mesh update!
  2. After reading your posting and I set my aircraft to Milford Sound/NZMF for verification. I have Orbx NZ Mesh active and I confirm the problem! This is probably due to the Sim Update 9. I remember that this problem did not exist before.
  3. teecee/Terry Carr ? Unfortunately, I didn't hear or read anything from Terry Carr for a very long time in this forum. I also do not receive any response to my emails. Does anyone know anything more?
  4. Those oddly morphing textures happen if the active landclass file calls for textures that the sim cannot find, thus using a random assortment. This can happen if the landclass file scenery entries are in incorrect order or the terrain.cfg file itself has become corrupted. Resolving rapid ground texture "morphing" http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/79004-resolving-rapid-ground-texture-morphing/
  5. This helicopter seem to be created for X-Plane simulator.
  6. Whoosh, that went like lightning! - and it works! Thanks for your effort, Nick.
  7. I admit, a little little known small airfield in the Labrador wilderness that hardly anyone knows. The airfield is in the water. Nevertheless, perhaps someone can create a correction and move the airfield to its original place on the shore, please? (This is P3D v4.5)
  8. What you see is correct! This airfield is located on different levels. Google for some photos of the original airport which will confirm this.
  9. Open Otbx Central Click on the gearwheel icon upper right menu. Click left side on "Help". - You'll find "Sync Simulator" there
  10. Hello Nick and Graham, I'm a bit lost. I'm running P3Dv4.5 HF3. Installed latest AU2 update and getting same note/error as above in posting #1. Going through your suggestions I cannot solve the problem. My former "OF_Config.xml" had following two entries in connection with AU2: <Path>Orbx\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_04_CS-MELBOURNE\scenery</Path> <Path>Orbx\FTX_AU\FTXAUv2_05_SCENERY\scenery</Path> Do I have to delete these ones? If yes, that's all or do I have to insert new entries? If yes, could you please post necessary new entries here?
  11. Yes, after deleting zero is correct, of course. But now, the new one, are your installed Orbx sceneries listed in there again?
  12. Julio, are you sure everything is ok now? I wonder about the size of the new "OF_Config.xml". Is it really zero (0) ? Shouldn't all installed Orbx sceneries be listed in there? Or am I wrong?
  13. These are the very old standard buildings you'll find in every stock airport scenery in FSX and P3D (if not covered/deleted by an addon-scenery.)
  14. OpenLC Asia: If this should ever be done I will buy it!
  15. Your scenery.cfg looks pretty "strange. I don't see AU2 installed. There are still some remnants of the former AU1 version - FTXAU05_Roads - ....45_scenery - ...48_custom - ...46_shores - the former HolgerMeshAustralia freeware must be deleted. i.e. AU1 must completey be deleted before installing AU2. Delete all former AU1 stuff and reinstall AU2 again. Additionally, it seems your insertion points are not or not correctly set. The Orbx openLC entries (Europe/NorthAmerica) are not in correct position. Basically they are in priority lower than Orbx sceneries.
  16. What sad and shocking news! I never flew with Bruce's group because the time difference is too big. I communicated this to Bruce, but he added me to his email distribution list, regardless. However, I often had contact with him when there were problems regarding OZx Australia and working on solutions. My deepest sympathy goes to his family. May Bruce rest in peace.
  17. Well, I wonder, is there no manual included? I get an error when clicking "open" to read the User Guide.
  18. That's the very famous Heddal Stave Church and is Norway's largest one.
  19. First I followed Nick's advice verifying the files for open LC North America - no success. Then I opened Orbx Central to do an uninstall of LC North America. At this time I got the update to version 4.0.27. After that I completely uninstalled open LC North America and did the new installation (into P3D/Orbx main folder). Result: Texture Morphing has disappeared. (I don't know if this is due to latest Orbx Central or not as I already did same procedure some weeks ago without success.)
  20. Just two more examples: - TVSM / Mustique Island - near TFFR / Pointe-A-Pitre about 2-3 NM southwest of the place, exact coordinates: N16 ° 14.70 ' W61 ° 32.86 ' B.t.w. it's same in FSX! Requirement: - no payware or other freeware sceneries installed in the Caribbean area. - Orbx openLC NorthAmerica 1 + 2 active Screenshots attached.
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