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Found library location isn't empty..

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Operating system:  Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit 

Simulator:  FS2/FSX Steam/P3D/XP11

Screenshot:  See below

Issue:  Found Library won't create due to it not being empty 


Tip top of the morning to you all,

X-Plane 11 took a huge dump just now, and brought my machine down with it. After manually powering down and rebooting, the next time I started Orbx Central it had lost it's connection to the library folder and basically acted like it was starting as a new install. After re-configuring the Temp and Backup locations, I went into the Settings and carried out the following steps to try and reconnect my existing Library folder (screenshots attached):

  1. Clicked on 'Scan for Libraries',
  2. The existing Library on my external SSD was very quickly found (F:\Orbx Library, Products found: 251),
  3.  Clicked 'Add Library',
  4. Clicked 'Save',
  5. Got the dreaded 'The Library location isn't empty' message.

I keep getting that message, and as a result I'm unable to reconnect Orbx Central to my existing library (which, as you may have noticed, is kinda huge. REALLY don't want to have to reinstall everything if I can avoid it..).


Any ideas on this? Am I missing something really obvious here? I have RTFM, bit I may still have missed something..

Thanks in advance for any advice or help you can offer,


Orbx Central Create Library.jpg

Orbx Central Library Found.jpg

Orbx Central Library Isn't Empty.jpg


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@Ben McClintock, @Nick Cooper, @Doug Sawatzky,

Just a gentle ping on this post,

Orbx Central lost the connection to my main library which is on an external SSD, and even though Orbx Central can see the library when I ask it to scan for libraries, I just can't get it to re-add the library, as each time it tries to it tells me that 'The library location isn't empty'. This seems a strange error, as I thought it'd be obvious that it isn't empty, that's the whole point of adding an existing library to Orbx Central..


Really hoping one of you can help me here, as I don't want to spend hours either reinstalling pr moving all of these regions and airports from drive to drive... Would a reinstall of Orbx Central help?   

Thanks again guys,


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Hi Nick


I am not sure why you would select " clicked 'Add Library'", you are not adding a library, the library already exits, this is why you are getting the error in my view. 

If anything I would click on edit and reselect the existing location and then click on save.


Also, have you tried to simply go to settings\help and run the sync simulator function?

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Hello Nick,

the easy work around for this is to temporarily rename your Orbx Central Library folder, just add an x to the end.

Then create a new folder with the exact same name, without the x of course.

Add this new and empty folder to Orbx Central as your library.

Once you have done that, delete your new and empty folder and remove the x from the name of the original folder.

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