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very strange FSX issue


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No doubt totally unrelated to Orbx, I only mention it because of the time line.


I flew a moderately successful flight from CAP7 to CAN8 within PFJ.  I say moderate as I started at CAP7 and the frame rate was abysmal, jumping from single digits to mid teensNo frame rate issues the further I flew away from CAP7.  I exited FSX/A so I could restart the flight to observe CAP7 for possible issues.  As I tried to restart FSX/A the computer totally locked up forcing a cold boot.  Once I was able to finally return to Windows 7 64 bit, I once again started FSX/A and it prompted me to re-authorize the serial number, which is something I've never had to do since a re-installation, perhaps 6-8 years ago.  I brushed the cob webs off the box and successfully followed the instruction.  My PFJ is the DVD PFJ upgraded with patches to 1.50.  


Feel free to offer opinion or move/delete this thread.


A very Moto'd Dave 

Scenery.CFG central.log

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Thanks Doug & Nick,  old age blurry eyesight, etc.


That's the place alright.  I flew a water start to a water finish, CAP 7 - CAN 8.  Patched DVD install with LH Fairchild 24. 


Just one of those unexplainable computer vagaries I suppose.   Thought it was worth mentioning since I was tasked to re-authorize FSX/A after a cold boot.


Anyway, thanks to both for double checking.

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