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  1. Getting out of Nanaimo land airfield CYCD we pass the nicely detailed industrial area at Duke Point... ... on the way to Nanaimo city. A bit further north is Departure Bay, ... ... where we turn east to cross the channel to the mainland. Another one of @BradB John´s favourite holiday vehicles on the way. Here we cross the confusing coastline of Pender Harbour. Enough parking lots for yachtsmen, it seems. The advantage of using a Cessna rather than a boat is that you can take a shortcut, ... ... looking at Sechelt & Salmon Inlet from above... ... before climbing up to Mt. Wrottesley and Mt. Ellesmere... ... and descending over the Brennan Lakes... ... towards Watt´s Point... ... and into Squamish Harbour. We chose the land airport again, ... ... with a nice place to park... ... and to rest. On a cool July evening.
  2. For this flight I started eastwards from Bella Coola... ... and turned south into the first valley. And the mountains here are not only hiding themselves, ... ... they are also covered with snow and glaciers, like the Jacobsen Glacier ahead. Scar Creek Glacier lead us back down... ... to Bute Inlet. Soon we crossed the sea to Vancouver Island... ... where we look down at Nanaimo city, ... ... just before the final into that cities land airport.
  3. Terrace "international" offers 3 runways - an advantage in every wind direction, but time consuming when taxiing. It is just a short hop on a misty evening... ... to Kitimat harbour. Does not look like cruise ships here. The coastal mountains look great on the way south... ... to Bella Bella, ... ... where we turn east over King Island... ... and dive into the Burke Channel. There is a village at the channel´s end. You have guessed it already: It is Bella Coola.
  4. The fjords and rivers of South Alaska and British Columbia are well worth to be visited, for example from Ketchikan. Just off the airport we pass Pennock Island, ... ... and leave Annette Island in the background. Prince Rupert, ... ... at the entry of Skeena River. This shot is taken already a bit inland, where Scotia River merges. RTMM had placed a hut called "Brad´s Bait & BBQ" here, I wonder if they referred to John? Terrace city ahead (left), and the airport right above. Our destination for today.
  5. I can imagine that especiallay the west coast folks need that. So come with me from Wrangell ... ... over the mountains at Lava Forks Provincial Park ... ... down to the Canadian side at Bear River. Look at that white stuff! A bit too high for a touch-and-go in Stewart, ... ... but good enough to climb again over Portland Canal. Passing the Shoal Cove antennas, ... ... and downwind along Ward Cove ... ... into Ketchikan.
  6. No doubt totally unrelated to Orbx, I only mention it because of the time line. I flew a moderately successful flight from CAP7 to CAN8 within PFJ. I say moderate as I started at CAP7 and the frame rate was abysmal, jumping from single digits to mid teens. No frame rate issues the further I flew away from CAP7. I exited FSX/A so I could restart the flight to observe CAP7 for possible issues. As I tried to restart FSX/A the computer totally locked up forcing a cold boot. Once I was able to finally return to Windows 7 64 bit, I once again started FSX/A and it prompted me to re-authorize the serial number, which is something I've never had to do since a re-installation, perhaps 6-8 years ago. I brushed the cob webs off the box and successfully followed the instruction. My PFJ is the DVD PFJ upgraded with patches to 1.50. Feel free to offer opinion or move/delete this thread. A very Moto'd Dave Scenery.CFG central.log
  7. Just a few random shots from my P3D v4 Screenshot folder.
  8. I cannot translate the German wisdom of freight pilots into english, maybe google can help you?! I just had to reach colder climate for some days. So I agreed to the request of FedEx to bring some huge fishing equipment northwards from Vancouver. We met at the FedEx station, ... ... and prepared for the flight whilst the freight was stowed. The unusual (short) runway 30 was selected by ATC. I was slightly panicking and apllied full power, but all went well and lead us directly north... ... across Nanaimo, ... ... Pender Harbour... ... and Powell River. The inside passage east of Vancouver Island, after reaching the first regular flight level. Prince Rupert in the lower left corner of the picture. That means the channels towards Terrace and Kitimat are behind us. Annette Island and Ketchikan ahead, ... ... with the first directly below. The Tongass Fjords area. Works well in P3D, but needs a decent manual installation, brilliantly summarized by Elaine Dixon. Coming to refreshing glacierlands, with the Saywer glacier to our right. Hoonah. The Grand Pacific Glacier. Looking grand indeed. Here we descend into our destination Yakutat, ... ... have a little look at the entire scenery, ... ... and follow the lovely YAK3 approach. Lined up. Ready for final. Finished work for today. No cheering of paxes, but also no claims. And refreshing cold air... We directly head for some beer, now that @flyingleaf Karls fishermen have left the city:
  9. Taking off from Ketchikan/AK to the south towards my next yet-untested airport, ... ... diving into Portland Canal after crossing the mountains... ... and approaching into Stewart/BC. That is going to be an experiment... will it be possible to climb over the mountains here? Challenging, the engines really get hot here... ... and the mountains get close. But here we´re done, ready to approach Wrangell/AK. Quite some offset in this localizer... but if you are slow enough...
  10. Now I have to pay the price for losing time earlier this year with texture-hiccups: I am too late to enjoy summer up where my flight plan leads me to. I mean, where my purchses of the last months are waiting to be inspected. So I had to leave Vancouver quickly... ... pass Squamish, ... ... and descend over Annett Island, ... ... just to see Ketchikan covered in clouds. At least visibility came back after diving through the layers. Hi, little one! Maybe I will have to cheat with the weather in my next flights...?
  11. Squamish to Bella Coola No shots of the approach to Bella Coola, i was happy to find the runway! Enjoy and thanks for looking! P3D - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  12. A few caps from CYBD to start the new year rolling. 1. 2. 3. 4. Exciting times ahead this year!
  13. After lots of busy weeks before Christmas, i found some time for flying today. I think, i forget everything about flying in the sim I did a beautiful flight over British Columbia and Alaska, from Stewart to Petersburg Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  14. This is a trip fairly short on miles (about 60 nm) but kind of long on pictures (actually only 16) but it was so nice, so bear with me, So, here I am arriving at CYBD Bella Coola Meeting up with my "passenger" Heading out to give the Carenado C185 Amphib a going over. Prop looks good. Wheels & pontoons look decent. Everything checks out OK, so let's get on board. Lined up and ready for takeoff rwy 23 And we are off, looking for an altitude of 3500! CYBD at our six now. Passing over the city of Bella Coola. Passing South Bentinick Arm of the Bella Coola River. Passing the Burke Channel from Kwanta Inlet. Found a gap in the mountains to cut through to CYJQ Bella Bella (Denny II). Decending into CYJQ Landing Bella Bella rwy 28. Don't give up we're almost through now, just one more to go! Unloading the Amphib and heading home (or at least for a drink and bite). Thanks for flying along, for not being to critical of my piloting skills and for not being to disruptive! PIC Roger
  15. Stewart to Ketchikan on a beautiful Sunday Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  16. The above Bex was used to get rid of a headache years ago. 1. Flew into PAKT in the Otter and parked it in 3 locations and saved the flights. 2. I did this so when I fly from PAKT in the future I can start at locations other than the runways. 3. Flew out in this beautiful Alaskan which carries this very smart 75th anniversary livery. 4. The 738 was paused for about 1 hour at the gate while I had dinner and did a few other things. 5. So here we are climbing out of PAKT on an unusually clear day for this part of the world. 6. Below the engine is PF20, Misty's Place which I flew out of earlier in the day. Also PAKT can be seen behind the tail. 7. Leaving Gravina Island behind. 8. Below is Annette Island and PANT where I did the RTMM test earlier to see if all the libraries had been successfully installed. Then pfffffffffffftttttt. End of flight. A Bex error, maybe for being on pause for too long? So this BEX caused a BIG headache Almost forgot, a big thanks to Andy for pointing me in the direction of Imgur which is a very handy back up for when OZx is down.
  17. With the OZx image hosting site down I thought I would join the ranks of folks having a back up. Just one shot to try out Imgur http://imgur.com 5. Well I found it very easy to use.
  18. As promised http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/115382-just-two-from-a-toy-test/ some cockpit shots from another recent purchase. Taxiing in Terrace, ... ... climbing north from Canada to Alaska... ... and downwind to Ketchikan.
  19. C207 Skywagon from Port Hardy to Bella Coola Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  20. On patrol in Boeing T-45C over Ketchikan - regio around PAKT at the North of NA-PFJ:
  21. After a pretty long flight over the vast area of Canadian BC landed with my Twotter on one of the mountain-lakes to go fishing and hope to catch a salmon for lunch :-)
  22. I've been flying the Duck to all the SPBs in PFJ and have noticed the docks to be at all different levels in relation to the water, this one at Nimpo Lake CAF8 has three different levels including hover dock. Is this the norm for PFJ as the library objects just fall into place? A few more examples
  23. A few recent flights in the default 738. Nice and simple to fly, my type of plane. 1. 2. 3, 4. 5.
  24. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade - ASN Weather Cheers Karsten
  25. Good evening, everyone! Gentlemen, please enjoy Cheers Uwe
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