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Incorrect order of Vector in scenery library


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Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  Prepar3D v4.5HF2


Issue:  Vector is ordered incorrectly in scenery library


I just installed Orbx Central and am in the processing of installing all of my Orbx scenery. I have not installed any 3rd party airports or regions besides the Orbx Global packages. My vector entries do not appear to be ordered correctly when I compare them to this post:



I tried to uninstall Vector and then reinstall it, but I get the same incorrect ordering. I have tried to manually move the Vector entries in the Scenery Library, but Orbx Central reorders them automatically upon opening the application. Here is a picture of my Scenery Library with the Vector entries:






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Just now, Ben McClintock said:

Hi Blackbird,


That ordering is correct. Although one of the entries is below Africa, it will still work as intended.


Are you seeing any issues within the simulator?

Hi Ben,


I'm not seeing any other issues. I was just concerned since the Africa entry was in the middle, and then I saw the post describing a different order of Vector entries. Thanks for confirming that my order is fine.

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15 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:


this is the order in which Orbx Central arranges the Vector entries here.




Hmm, for some reason I am not getting this order in Orbx Central. It's insisting on placing the CVX entry above the APT entry (and Africa between the APT and EXX entries). FWIW, I installed Vector into the Prepar3D directory and not into the Library.

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