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EGJA Alderney


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@Christopher Low Its pretty much there, unless you've owned the ES version and scoured it for every detail most people probably won't even notice.. Performance is good, the new airfield is good, couple of niggles here and there but for under £4 its a bargain and a beautiful place to fly from.  Short runway, have to make sure one's approach speed is slow enough, here's hoping the other Channel Islands get a redux version as well!

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Have to agree with the above posts,


Although I have never used the ES version (I fly in FSX-SE), this has to be one of the best little island sceneries I have ever seen!   I have the UK2000scenery version of Jersey and it is very good.   But this Alderney scenery completely surpasses it!   It is visually stunning!


Even at a measly 1024 texture resolution, the island is deeply green and stunningly detailed!  The sea is a wonderful blend of colours, the rocks are very well rendered and the beaches and coastlines are beautiful!


And to top it all off, they even have Casquets Lighthouse on the rock, southwest of the island!


And that is not all!   See the birds flying just south of the lighthouse;  And hear the cows and other animals as you approach runway 08!  but watch out - the PAPIs will put you very close to the ground on finals!!


Its a lovely scenery, full of colour depth.


Thank you for releasing it for FSX users;  Please, Please do Guernsey and Jersey in the same manner!  this is one of the best island sceneries I have seen.


Merry Christmas!



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