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  1. Whether or not I liked his responses, we always used to see a clear steer or direction regarding these things from JV in the past. It would be nice to see someone from the senior exec team give a bit of feedback about whether or not we might see some updates to P3D products as per robs query please?
  2. Cheers, I’d be interested in learning the technical reason just for the sake of it, yes I’m a geek sorry …. Merry Christmas!
  3. Thanks John, that's interesting, do you happen to recall what it's removal will cause to be missing? I haven't noticed anything specific missing as a result of de-activating that file... Yet! I hope @Sascha Normann or @Holger Sandmann are able to chime in with any extra info. In an ideal world a solution where the two sceneries can co-exist fully would be appreciated, but if it's not technically possible for some reason (or just not cost effective to actualise) then we'll have to live with the side effects of deactivating the file. much appreciated gents thankyou
  4. Sadly Chris, if there has been no reply to your old post, I don't know whether there will be one to this thread either. My impression was that Orbx originally left IOM out of TEUK because they wanted to support ES. Since there is a conflict with this file, that aim hasn't been fully met. Even a little info about what the file does (apart from suppressing autogen!), would be useful please, @Nick Cooper?
  5. Myself and other users are encountering a scenery conflict between TE GB North and the ES Isle of Man scenery. I have narrowed this down to the True Earth GB North 'custom' scenery layer. It causes an almost (but not 100%, there are a couple of tiny areas unaffected) loss of autogen across the Isle of Man. With this Orbx scenery layer disabled, ALL of the Earth Sims scenery autogen is displayed. I have tested the impact of all other non default scenery and it does a not affect this. I have the Isle of Man scenery enabled as an add-on through xml Edit: italicised text no longer relevant [I'd be grateful if Orbx could help out with a bit of info to save time pinning down the files which may need to be disabled please? Which of the bgl files in that folder cover the IOM please, the naming conventional escapes me, as the names do not appear to match up to lat/long co-ords..] I have noted this previous support topic for P3Dv4, which was unresponded to. What does the stated file do please? Thanks for your help K
  6. Thanks Nick, not a major problem and easily fixed, nice scenery ORBX_LDDU_APX_with ATIS plus updated gates.bgl
  7. Also, the airline gates are wrongly specified as GA, which can have a consequent impact on AI traffic spawn and ATC apps
  8. Just a note that LDDU has no ATIS frequency specified in the scenery. No support necessary for me as I've added it with ADE, but the real airport has an ATIS on 118.425, so it probably should be included in the scenery....
  9. I've been contacted by Gaya about bugs I reported in March - been told they are looking at them.
  10. I sent this feedback: "Slightly disappointed with the update, but also some good things Good: Bridge now OK Some autogen now displaying Water climbing cliffs fixed Runway lighting on runway fixed Not so good: Road traffic not extended around airport perimeter road Large swathes of autogen still missing Large area of forest now missing Grass on taxiways still present Runway arrow marking not realigned Noticed many of the static airside clutter vehicles are about a foot off the ground in the air. ENCN1 - Floating airside objects ENCN2 - Grass on taxiways ENCN3 - Road traffic not extended on airport perimeter road ENCN4 - RW22 marking incorrect ENCN5 - Autogen missing/suppressed ENCN6 - Autogen missing/suppressed ENCN7 - Autogen missing/suppressed ENCN8 - Bridge problems - terrain, alignment, surface hardening and model alignment ENCN9 - Autogen missing/suppressed ENCN10 - Autogen missing/suppressed ENCN11 - Suspect apron markings ENCN12 - Perimeter fence not aligned correctly That's just from a quick visual check Thanks K Attachment(s) ENCN5 25.03.21 Autogen still missing or suppressed at end of RW22.jpg ENCN6 25.03.21 Autogen still missing or suppressed .jpg ENCN7 25.03.21 Missing or suppressed autogen on either side of modelled bridge.jpg ENCN8 25.03.21 Bridge problems (previously reported).jpg ENCN9 25.03.21 Area of trees not present or suppressed.jpg ENCN11 25.03.21 Apron black markings stand out as too manufactured_doesnt look right.jpg ENCN12 25.03.21 Perimeter fence not aligned correctly.jpg ENCN1 25.03.21 Floating airside objects.jpg ENCN2 25.03.21 Grass on taxiways (reported previously).jpg ENCN3 25.03.21 No road traffic on airport perimeter road (reported previously).jpg ENCN4 25.03.21 RW22 markings incorrect (previously reported).jpg ENCN10 25.03.21 Vast swathes of missing or suppressed autogen (previously reported).jpg" Gaya response: "Thanks for your suggestions. We will consider those for a future update."
  11. I reported many issues, both rereported again from the v1 release and the v1.1 fix weeks ago. Despite clear demonstrative screenshots, the devs have merely acknowledged the issues with a 'view' towards a future update. V poor responses from Gaya. Regretfully I wont be purchasing anything from them until they can up their game.
  12. Which version is that from, I reported that a week ago...
  13. Support ticket raised - my comments above can be deleted or modified if necessary, thanks K
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