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  1. Life in Canada, I still work on those water bomber... my life.
  2. A song, for Nick... and all people that like it.. a English song, NOTTTT... I miss you all
  3. I wish you well Nick, you have been an example here
  4. There is nothing for me here anymore, bur yes I will miss a lot of you good folks
  5. Good luck to Orbx, It's the end for me after so many years. No more videos for you, no more time spent here, I will miss a few member here. The company as change, the spirit is gone.. Yes Nick, block this post, pretty easy to see that it's your job here.
  6. By Nick... wow, maybe it's because I am French speaking... why did you do that Nick????? Ok, this will be my last post on Orbx, I feel sad I made good friends here over the years but that is enough now. Good buy the one that I care a lot here. Salut
  7. I miss JV comments. I miss all the stupid argument about nothing. I miss all of the friends I made here, yes virtual it is, so what? The team that was trying new stuff and asking us about how we feel about it. I miss the comments and the implication of the designers, the creator It's normal that a company need to adapt... But I feel that OBBX was all about us, human being that love the product, support this one. I just miss the old days... nothing bad intended here. I don't feel part of the group anymore. I made so much video for Orbx, it was fun then, if it was good your video would end up on the pruduct page, wow. This time is gone Best vid I did for Orbx
  8. Ha ha, can you believe it's 15C (NOT MINUS) here today (Montreal Canada), and no snow on the ground
  9. You all live long and prosper, and be safe and healthy. I don't use the sim rig much lately, i will soon. I still visit the forum each day.
  10. https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/viewer?mid=16TLldaoxxmFv7wOWfYyM8zV-bgM&ll=55.1914124352707%2C-12.854002906249995&z=3
  11. When I was young, they told me how to call a DEAD STICK, but It was an RC plane. Way after I had I real dead stick in a 172, I was so scared
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