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BUG REPORT - Global TerraFlora and Monument Valley full of trees

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Just installed MonumentValley und there are Tree's all over the place. Uninstalled Global TerraFlora and everything looks right.

Installed TerraFlora again and synced the Simulator via OrbX Central but same Problem.

In the scenery_packs.ini the entry

SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/TerraFloraXP/

is at the end.

Anyone experienced the same issue?


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8 hours ago, Joerg Picard said:

Same issue here. The culprit is TerraFlora. When removing TerraFlora, you get your desert back.

Scenery file is attached.


scenery_packs.ini 49.65 kB · 1 download

Looking at your scenery packs you have incorrect layering of many of the Orbx addons and you also have a couple of other programmes like X-Europe and SFD Global with enabled Forest attributes.

I am not saying this is the cause of trees all over Monument Valley for example but is certain to be attributing to additional trees being shown in scenery. I show a link in the X-plane.org forum outlining the layering priority of Terra Flora with other addons like you have such as SFD Global and X-Europe. I have therefore placed Terra Flora in a dominant position over those other 2 addons as this forum is for trying to ensure Orbx addons perform as they should and not be masked by others. Here is the link:


 Your scenery packs was full of incorrectly placed Orbx TE series entries and some of the Orthos sections of the TE addons were placed where they would be masked by other XP4ortho files and xp4ortho Overlays which no doubt also contained trees and forests data.

I have reorganised your scenery_packs.ini for you to as it should be in regard to your Orbx addon's layering requirements.

I cannot state that this will resolve all your experience of "trees everywhere" but will certainly got towards minimising that effect.

Please let me know if the rearrangement has had any effect.

Place the attached into your Custom Scenery folder:





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1 hour ago, Sentry11 said:

I had the same thing occur with TerraFlora forest blanketing the desert around Monument Valley. I just added a forest exclusion to the area  which I will refine a little later to solve the problem.

kitfox - 2019-12-01 21.11.59.jpg


 I am about to install Monument Valley to see for myself how Orbx central places the addon in the scenery pack and if i get trees all over the area. I have SFD Global and X-Europe and Terra Flora plus US forests etc, soi will report back.

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Thanks for all the reply.


I only use OrbX Scenery:


-Great Britain North/South/Central

-Washington HD

-Oregon HD

-Broome Airport

-Lowi Airport/Mini region

and all the free Airports from OrbX


No other Scenery/Ortho/Mesh install, standard X-Plane


Installed Plugins:




Airport Navigator



Airfoil Labs C172

Airfoil Labs KA 350


Rest is Vanilla-X-Plane


I will post my scenery_packs.ini later when i'm at home from work

(Germany-time, it's just 7:32 in the morning)


Thanks so far :-)

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I confirm the area is covered in trees. I experimented placing Terra Flora at the very bottom of the scenery pack and it introduced regional foliage. Howevr the area is supposed to be devoid of any trees.

I will have to ask @Nick Cooper to move this topic to the Compatibility forum and also refer the problem to the devs as this is a clash between 2 Orbx addons and no 3rd party involvement.

Here are a couple of pics. The first pic is from the initial installation and with the scenery pack layering as Orbx Central placed the addon. 

The second pic is from where I rearranged some elements of the addon and moved Terra Flora to the vey bottom of the scenry pack.





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I had to uninstall Terra Flora XP also as there were way to many trees in the Rocky Mountains where in reality there is nothing but sage in the lower elevations then cedars .. then dark timber and aspen higher up....Please draw Aspen for the Rockies. TF no problems in P3D..

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@Nick Cooper I think this needs to be addressed to the Devs in some form. I mentioned that this is a clash between 2 Orbx addons and needs rectifying or at least advice given..

I had asked that it be moved to the Compatibility forum but as there is no 3rd party compatibility issue but 2 Orbx addons this should probably at least go into the BUG forum

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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to BUG REPORT - Global TerraFlora and Monument Valley full of trees
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Just to be clear, TerraFlora does not add in or modify the placement of any vegetation. It is simply a HD texture set with much nicer trees. If there were no trees in a particular before, there should still be no tree once TF is installed (and vice versa).


What you're seeing is more suggestive that, for whatever reason, an incorrect texture set is being called. I'm not yet sure whether the fault lies with the TF texture set or the placement in default X-Plane. We'll have to do some in-house testing and see what the cause is.



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