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ObjectFlow install directory


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Operating system:  Win10 x64

Simulator:  Prepar3D v4.5 /X-Plane11


Issue:  ObjectFlow install location


I am doing a fresh ORBX install on a fresh install of Windows 10 and Prepar3D v4.5


I did not want to install the ORBX scenery in external libraries but in the P3Dv4 location so I always select the left option on the installation pop-up (Install on Prepar3D v4).


However, I see that the objectflow directory is installed in the external Library location which is on an external HDD. Why this is happening? And is it possible to install it on my main P3D4 SSD instead? 


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2 hours ago, Pilot said:

install it on my main P3D4 SSD instead? 

Hello Pilot,

not into your P3D sim, but any where you choose on your PC create a folder called Object Flow, that is the location you need to point Orbx Central to install the Objectflow. It only requires 7mb in size. This will be seperate to your Orbx Library should decide to go down that route.

You can move that folder off of the external HDD, onto your PC and edit the path in Orbx Central settings.

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Hello Smudger and thank you very much for the help. I moved the Orbx Library folder in my main SSD, and edited the Library path on the Main Library menu option.


However, when I click the green "Save" button, I get this error:



Annotation 2019-11-14 060637.png

Annotation 2019-11-14 0606373.png

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