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Central Keeps re downloading


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Hi Just a question with Central, every time I start it and it does it's checks  it then starts to download Honolulu again even though it says it's installed?

Have you any suggestions on how or why it's doing this as I've uninstalled central and reinstalled it several times but no change.

I've uploaded my log file to help you .

Operating system:  Win 10 Pro

Simulator:  P3d v4.5


Issue:  constant re downloading.



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A little more info to add to the mix, if I try to leave it downloading it hangs at around 2% also if I cancel it it hangs as well, I’ve  left it overnight doing both and it’s still the same place when I get up so something is definitely screwed up somewhere. 

I understand people are busy but a quick ‘ we’re looking into it’ reply would be nice

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Hi Nick I deleted the contents of that file and started Central and it started downloading Hon again so I cancelled it and downloaded the KTVL update and for now it seems okay so we shall see how it goes in the next few days.

Thanks for the help mate ;-)

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Hi Nick I've just installed a new hard drive and copied my old drive over but on starting central it tells me I own all the products but none are installed, now I read somewhere on the forum that you don't have to re download them again as the files are on your system but I can't for the life of me remember or find where. So what is the best and simplest way to get them back onto my hard drive.

Any and all help happily received.

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