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Problems since updating to 4.0.13


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Operating system:  win 7 64 pro

Simulator:  XP11

Screenshot:  see below

Issue:  as per screenshots.


I opened ORB Central to install the Washington Expansion Pack, and was updated to 4.0.13. Once I was in, I first noticed an update for Barton. Tried to do that and got the "communication error" message shown below. Went to select the North America region and see I've got my previously resolved problem of both Washingtons installed back again. Can't remember how that got fixed before, but it's obviously back. Tried to install the Expansion pack, and got the same communication error message again.


Over to you. Log attached is from the Barton attempt.









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6 hours ago, Jack Sawyer said:

Did you shut down Central and then reboot the PC Andy?  I've seen this fix it.


Jack, didn't see the original but I can use my imagination. Beginning to feel like that might be the best thing to do with Central. And no, restart/reboot doesn't make any difference, thanks.

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Answering myself here.


Looks like the update to .13 must have failed or gone in improperly. I went back to Appdata, found  a "pending" folder and ran the orbx-central-4.0.13.exe in there. It downloaded the 7z package again and SEEMS to have worked this time. I've managed to install Honolulu and will check out the XP stuff later.

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Talking to myself again - the Barton update and the Washington Enhancement pack are both  going in ok now, so it looks like my action above seems to have been the solution, for me at least.


All I have to do now is dig around and re-find the answer to the duplicate (HD/SD) "installation". I seem to remember it involved renaming a "version.txt" file but I can't remember to what. I might be lucky and find it in my backups.

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