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Orbx Central v4 Lights Configurator Error


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I noticed that I could not start Lights Configurator from your new Orbx Central v4.0.12. I tried to migrate it to the new library Orbx Central v4.0.12 created and got following error message: Error: There are no builds available for this product.


Vector works fine. I can launch the config app from it v4.0.12



Operating system:  Windows 10

Simulator:  P3Dv4.5

Screenshot:  None

Issue:  Can not download Lights Configurator from Orbx Cetral v4.0.12


Thank you.



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Guest Josh Koz

To follow this up, Global Lights Configurator is no longer a standalone product in Orbx Central. It appears in the list for legacy reasons. As Doug outlines, you will need to use the 'configure' option on Global Base to open the Configurator.

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