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Orbx central version for XP only.

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Could I request an XP only version of Orbx central please? The "one version does all" is not really valid as the installation process is not the same for all sims although Central is trying to be that tool.

XP addons can be already installed by the user to whatever disk/file/folder he/she wants and always has been, and doesn't need a complicated and unnecessary new "Library". I can understand the additional install options being good for P3D cos it allows installation out of the P3D directory. This is NOT required for XP. I now cannot install Orbx XP addons without having created  a Library and pointing to a location. The ONLY addons for the whole of XP that require this method. Why reinvent the wheel?

I installed some Orbx addons to a new Library but now want to move those addons elsewhere. Reading the "Move a Library" instruction on Page 19 of the Central Users manual is something I have tried unsuccessfully to do. Yes I created yet another new library and yes it is seen by central but it doesn't acknowledge that the contents of that library are "Installed" , so no updates will happen unless i uninstall and reinstall via Central to that new library/location. I have just manually moved the files and will not therefore be receiving updates. 

 We need the Migrate option to be available continuously and not as an initial one off. Then Central will see that despite all the new library creations etc, that the addon is actually installed, albeit in a different place than was initially migrated to. Far too and unnecessarily complicated.......for X-Plane.

Rant over:)

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Hello Jon,


when the first Orbx  products were released, it was not long before long term users of X Plane 11

were asking why FTX Central would only install products into the Custom Scenery folder, when they

wanted to be able to install those products into a location of their choice.


Orbx Central has made that possible, with the one condition that the installation folder is first chosen

and set in Orbx Central.

I do not know why the additional condition that the new folder must first be empty is there but it is

not an insurmountable problem, especially when I have seen written that some users have folders on

multiple drives and make shortcuts back to the Custom Scenery folder.


I have tried the move library function and it seems to work as the guide states.

You do have to move the entire directory and not make any changes to its structure at all.

I was careful with my 706 GB of data.


I am sure that the developers will take all these individual requests into account for future updates, as they

have already said they will.



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Thanks Nick for your reply.The process described in the manual I am sure works if you don't consider the user error factor which is more than likely why my attempts didn't work !

I moved the contents of the directory and not the directory. The file structure is now different and probably unfixable. My new library just contains the files of e.g. TEGB_ South_orthos and not xp11/ TEGB_South_orthos/Custom Scenery/TEGB_South_orthos

 I still think it is far too complicated and long winded to move files in this manner. The moving of the actual files is not a problem, the problem is Orbx Central not reading the new location of those files. Remember in FSX/P3D there is an installation location written in the Registry which can be manually adjusted easily to redirect the path. Orbx Central must be reading some script from somewhere to be able to recognise the files locations. Access to that script would be so much easier. Obviously some people may not be adept in doing such things and want Central to do all the stuff for them. That I understand, but there must be a simpler way to get Central to read the installations and see they are installed and a correct path is established, thus allowing updates.

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Unfortunately, unless the instructions are followed, moving the library does not work.

The entire folder must be moved, leaving the file structure intact.

Moving the contents and changing the file structure will break the library.





Moving a library to another location

Moving a library is painless with Central and can be achieved in a few steps only:

Go to Settings > Libraries.

Note the directory of the library you’d like to move.

Remove the library that you would like to move (remember: this doesn’t delete the actual files).

Close Central by right-clicking on the tray and selecting “quit”.

Move the directory to the new location in your operating system. This step may take a while depending on your disk speed.

Start Central again

Open Settings, and then the Libraries page

Press ‘Create New Library’

Select the new library location, give it a name and then press ‘Save’.



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2 hours ago, Nick Cooper said:

Unfortunately, unless the instructions are followed, moving the library does not work.

The entire folder must be moved, leaving the file structure intact.

Moving the contents and changing the file structure will break the library.




Nick can you enlighten me regarding moving the directory to the new location? This would be the Library.no? To what, if any, folder do we move the directory? If we have moved the directory and then create a new Library, do we then cut and paste the moved directory into the new Library?

 My quandary.:

I have Library A on Disk B

I want the contents of Library A now moved to Disk E

 I make a note that is is Library A I want to move: What do I move to Disk E? What is defined as the Directory?

I remove via Central Library option Delete Library A

I move the Directory (??) to Disk E....to folder or just loose?

I create a new Library on Disk E, and name and save it.

I assume then I have to copy and paste the moved files into the new Library?

Sorry for being thick!

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Hello Jon,


when you create a "library", you have to first make an empty directory and then point Orbx Central to where it is.


I gave mine something easy to recognise.




In Orbx Central, it looks like this:




To move a library, first remove the library from Orbx Central:




Then move the entire directory to the desired new location.




You can change its name but you MUST NOT CHANGE ANYTHING INSIDE IT.




Add the new folder location back as your new library in the same way as you added

the original one, give it any Orbx Central name that you choose.




and all your installed products continue to work, just as before.




After the demonstration, here it is restored to where it was:



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