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  1. Rerun MSFS ...... Rerun Central .... and now MSFS is recognized ...... really weird behavior!
  2. Restart the pc after reinstall Central : no effect rescan : no effect So Central is out of service for me !
  3. Same problem here, just bought Dundee and i am unable to install it I have done that (have a similar experience in the past) First Uninstall Orbx Central. Then Delete the below folders C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Orbx-central-updater C:\Users\your name\AppData\Roaming\Orbx\Central Then Reinstall Orbx Central. But this time it has no effet .... MSFS is not recognized !
  4. I want to buy Berlin Tegel but when i launch Orbx Central it doesnt detect MSFS 2020 ! I had never had this problem .... while I have several addon already installed!
  5. A new Vision of Lowi now in MSFS 2020
  6. First fly and performance test in London and it's good !
  7. Problem solved! A friend suggested me to remove the Orbx library via Central and reinstall it. This caused the autogen to be updated ... This is now ok for both Orbx and France VFR scenes.
  8. Hello, Carlos. Thank you for taking an interest in my problem. I am not using ACM which, indeed, is not working properly. The multiple definition of autogen is based on the use of the Autogen.cfg file which is located in the LM folder in ProgramData. You define all the autogen you use (ex autogen by default of the V5, autogen Orbx, autogen FranceVFR, ... ). Autogen that you declare in as many folders as you need. This process works perfectly in V4.5, so I can go from the north of France (France VFR) to England (TE Orbx) without any manipulation with full autogen on both countries. It also worked perfectly in V5 before the update I just did to add TE NC. After this update I simply note (see screen above) that central did not update the autogen file and I think the problem is with the autogen file. But why no update because as you say every time you run Orbx Central it has to overwrite the autogen folder?
  9. A great mystery I can't solve! just in case, here is the content of my Autogen folder (I'm now in V5 HF2)
  10. Hello, Nick. Thank you for your response. I thought about this option because I use France VFR (and didn't install the other addons mentioned here). I use Autogen's multiple definition (via autogen.cfg) and the last installation (via central Orbx) is for TE North California. I checked the latest autogen definitions for Orbx and they are the right ones .... In fact, as soon as you launch the installation of an Orbx product via Central, it will overwrite the contents of the Autogen folder.
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