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Bug report TE_WA missing textures

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apart from the entries in the X Plane 11 log, is there an adverse effect of these missing textures at all please?

I ask because I do not know the answer, not because I am questioning your report.


There must come a point at which downloading the same 37 GB of files must be pointless in the pursuit of this

error message?

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I looked at the specific missing textures,  One example is the Ramada Hotel Seatac ," TE_USA_RG_Ramada_Seatac_Airport" as shown in the Seatac folder, but the actual texture is not showing in Seatac textures. This is in the Custom folder. It does not affect the actual scenery now error messages. The log just shows failed to find the textures. Hope you guys can fix this. There are a number of textures missing from different folders.

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